Alabama vs. Clemson National Championship HYPE VIDEO "THE REMATCH"

>>King Gosa>>Alabama vs. Clemson National Championship HYPE VIDEO "THE REMATCH"
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Bradey 2003:
King Gosa Just curious how long does it take to make a highlight vid?
Dylan Sharpe:
King Gosa, could you make a highlight vid for RAWLEIGH WILLIAMS by any
Joshua Motes:
I can't wait for this rematch!!!!! Give us another great game Alabama and
Kallel Albert-Thenet:
Clemson wins The Rematch against Alabama to claim the National Championship
35-31!!!!!😀😀😀 Amazing game and Go Tigers!!!!
Kenny Hill:
Different outcome this year, , Great Game Tigers, Congratulations
Sameul L Jacson:
Go Tigers, from a L'ville fan. Represent the ACC!!! Beat Bama PLEASE@!!! I
BEG YOU! ACC FOR LIFE. Btw: your in our house next year minus DeShaun, lol.
Yet someone #8 is back!. Enough of smacktalk, treat Bama to a lil Ohio
State. tbc..... Again Represent ACC, coming from a rival L'ville team
that's now family. We will be rooting for ya!!
justin johns:
Hey clemson, I'm an auburn fan, so I know what it's like to lose to Nick
saban.....Y'all are about to know what it's like too, for the second
straight year
shelton mckoy:
Anybody know the song that was playing before the commercials came on
during the game?