Trump Reacts to Meryl Streep's Golden Globes Speech

>>ABC News>>Trump Reacts to Meryl Streep's Golden Globes Speech
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She is not a good person. She was so heartbroken over the love of her life's death in 1978 that she married someone else six months later and moved into his apartment even sooner. She's a whore.
Biggie Nav:
Trump is stupid 😂 remember those days when he used to get his ass kicked by Vince on wwe
FluffY PenguiN:
meryl streep is a fucking good comedian
Gus Perez:
Have any of you degenerates wondered why in 2003 Meryl Streep gave a standing ovation to Roman Polanski at the Academy Awards ? Roman Polanski plead guilty in 1977 to rape of a 13 year old girl with drugs finding out before sentencing he would face jail and deportation he fled to France within hours of being sentenced . Meryl Streep has a problem with TRUMP but not a convicted pedophile ? Meryl Streep where is your sense of what is right and wrong ? What morals does a person have when they condone pedophiles ?
Hogman Go:
Can this fucking asshole just pass quietly in the night. And believe me, when he does there'll be dancing in the streets.
Josh Lucas:
looking at some of the other comments, it turns out more people know the truth about the disabled reporter than i had thought
Has Meryl Streep ever been in a good movie lol?
Mary Young:
trump is such a dickhead. making fun of the handicap people anyway. maybe someone would make fun of that fucking handicap kid of his he would change his way but I. doubt. he would
Rethorical Nemesis:
overrated actress. leave politics for the adults please
Richard Head111:
Meryl Streep is dead to me. What a poor loser.
Youtube Universe:
Lol people saying boycott Hollywood.. next minute watching movies and listening to music ... that's like boycotting entertainment yeah let's see you do that
country bumpkin:
evil twin cunts hillary and meryl
I find great irony that she bashes Trump but played Margaret Thatcher, who's crusade against socialism is a mirror image of Trump's presidency and what he hopes to accomplish.
Meryl Streep you are a fucking idiot!
Ok you can call Streep whatever you want but overrated is not one of them. C'mon Donald.

    Trump called Streep "over-rated" and a "flunky" after Streep used a keynote speech at the Golden Globes to speak out against Trump's mocking of a disabled New York Times reporter.