Trump Reacts to Meryl Streep's Golden Globes Speech

>>ABC News>>Trump Reacts to Meryl Streep's Golden Globes Speech
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Ashish Bagade:
Man...america is becoming very dangeorous state....a redneck nation with
nuclear weapons and nuclear submarines...and an idiot in charge
Film Music Addict:
this isn't fake news, she actually said those stupid words.
Damn the like to dislike ratio is almost 50/50
Mary Young:
you know I did not vote for stupid mother fucker. ok but all you stupid
mothers fucker that did vote for that 2 face prick are just as bad as that
stupid mother fucker. you think just because you voted for a very sick
asshole think your better then anyone else but you know what you no better
then me cause I put my clothes on the same fucking way you do one leg at a
time but as for me. but since all of you that wants to put people down
cause we did not vote for that fucker. and this is for the ones that did
and think your better I hope and pray that all of you that did dies right
alone with that sick mother fucker. cause I will not lose any sleep are
shed any of my tears for him are any of you sorry mother fucker
"Because we're not dishonest media we're going to show a small clip out of
context without any self awareness or journalistic integrity to swindle our
audience into believing transparent, blatant lies which convinced the
country to elect this man in the first place"

Yeah, great going ABC. Give them a few months and they'll start disabling
comments because of the horrors of "internet trolls".
Mölli Naattori:
Trump is failure of lifetime.
Nicholas Baxter:
ABC News, go and look at how Trump does that for almost anyone, including
HIMSELF, when conveying that a person is flustered or lying or has no idea
what they are talking about. ALSO, go look at the reporter in question, the
disabled reporter does not move in the way Trump was moving while speaking
about the said reporter. Everyone with a brain and the inclination to look
closer at what twisted truths you try push can see through them. You guys
really suck haha
Trump was just doing a real impression of the guy. He wasn't being cruel.
The Wizard:
Trump better pull it together and quit letting celebrities bait him like
this. They're a mean bunch that plays dirty. I wish he'd call them out as a
whole on their fascist bias and blacklisting of their Republican colleagues
instead of engaging in these petty individual feuds.
Todd Johnson:
I mean I don't see Donald as a saint far from it but she was out of order
to use the golden globes as a stage to insult him randomly I mean if you
wanna hate on him use Twitter don't do it in front of millions of TV
Twin Mommy:
Hollywood is so sadly out of touch. I didn't vote for Trump but even I know
he isn't anti-immigrant. He is anti-illegal immigrant and against any
immigrant that seeks to do us harm. Meryl Streep's lack of intelligence is
shocking...I thought she was smarter than this. Truthfully, though, if
Hollywood stopped producing entertainment it wouldn't be a big loss.
Meryl Streep just another reason Hollywood is so past it.
chris Knödelschieber:
tja was solß .. ihr wolltet euren eigenen hitler .. nun habt ihr ihn
gewählt .. kommt damit klar .....
und eines ist schon mal klar , wenn der alles durchsetzt, was er gerne
möchte ..... kommen die USA .. auf die liste der Länder,
bei denen die einreise und vom Urlaub dort eher abgeraten wird.

was, VW soll zollstrafen zahlen ? ... toyota honda and so on auch ? ....
viel spass amerika ... wenn genau die arbeitgeber .. ganz aus den usa
auswandern ....... evtl bauen die dann ja wieder mehr in old europe ihre
autos :)
Guess what bitch? pizzagate is REAL and WE will not sit down and shut up
until it is stopped and exposed!! ALL OF IT, THE FULL GLOBAL SCALE!
You had the worst performance of your life, and almost had an orgasm while
doing it. Meryl, educate yourself, and stick to the truth! It could be just
as satisfying, as distorting an old story.

    Trump called Streep "over-rated" and a "flunky" after Streep used a keynote speech at the Golden Globes to speak out against Trump's mocking of a disabled New York Times reporter.