Trump Reacts to Meryl Streep's Golden Globes Speech

>>ABC News>>Trump Reacts to Meryl Streep's Golden Globes Speech
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Anița Georgiana:
Your president is out of his journey... He treats women like shit, he is rasist and he hasn't got a clue about ruling such powerful country like America.. Sorry guys.. The truth is for whom wants to see it and to hear it.
Ashley Simmons:
Fuck Streep she supported a rapist fucking wench
Carrol Williams:
When will everyone in the World realize that Donald Trump is just a pile of human waste and stop wasting precious TV and internet time on this shit head?
Emmett Bannasch:
Meryl who??? A has been who never was.
Goh Eng Hong Stephen:
Like obuumaa said before, america is no more a christian country.If that were to carry on for another 1 more year on bashing the president, the country will be unstable, and the islamic terrorists and their families will come and settle in the U.S.What will happen is, trump have no choice but to activate marshall law.Later, U.S.will have their own civil war against terrorists together with the 100 million brainwashed american obuumaa devotees, against the federal government soldiers.After a few more years of fighting, if the terrorists won, they will implement sharia law.The real sharia law is to respect the saudi and the persian law.So ,to those leberial leftists,women will have rights but to wear veils
Lara. Kb.1909:
Meryl isn‘t over-rated! She is absolutely right! If someone plays such a big role in the world, he should be careful how and what he expresses. And meryl personally attacking with childish tweets is just ridiculous.
Michael Mahoney:
people who know her saus she's EXACTLY like the role she played in The Devil wears Prada.
Strepp probably voted for hillary. Fucking liberal....
brian lupinsky:
he he he your a bitch Trump's a hero
cat lover:
Meryl Streep, you are NOT just "overrated" and "over-decorated", you are ALSO the "most hypocritical person" in Hollywood! I don't give a damn how good of an actress you are, or how good of a speech you can give! If I had to make a choice between "being able to watch your movies" or "being able to get a good plumber to fix my toilet", I would choose the latter any day!
Trump is driving Hollywood and the media crazy. That must mean he's doing something right!
Meryl is just good in acting, because she is FAKE DUDE. She has no qualification to compare with the President of United State. HELLYWOOD IS ALL FAKE.
wrong battle. Where was the outrage when 9/11 was said to be a preventable event that the government was warned about? Where was the outrage when millions lost their homes in 2008? Meryl is speaking as a person whose power and wealth forever guarantees her protection from anything the government does or does not do. Speaking on behalf of the people? Hardly. Most of us lost the luxury of being offended a long time ago and more of the same just wasn't an option for us. No one spoke up when the factory left and my entire family instantly became unemployed, never again to achieve financial independence; all struggling to maintain a minimum existence to their dying day. Hell of a way to live and we didn't hear Meryl say or word and she wasn't offering to pay our bills. Meryl will always have another movie and a another studio to apply to. When the factory left and we walked down the street to apply at the next factory it was gone. In fact the entire industry was gone. Poof! After generations -GENERATIONS - of dedication and hard work. It's replacement? Nothing!! And all preventable. All could have been easily avoided had those elected into office had not given priority to anything other than to the people they serve. And all of this happened 25 years ago!! So, save it, lady! We refuse to just stand by and watch our country be desecrated and mowed over and if we have to sacrifice having a douche bag with no manners in the White House who doesn't know how to talk to people or communicate publicly, so be it. No one is talking about kicking Hollywood actors out of the country and I doubt you will even hang around when in the next decade, if we keep on this course we will be the dumping ground for the whole world to freely come and do whatever they want wherever they want, destroying neighborhoods, taking jobs and wiping away anything left of what was once a beautiful, healthy, prosperous place to live. Thing is, we don't have the money to move to an island in the Caribbean like you do. The United States simply cannot house the entire world and since that doesn't seem to be obvious to those in power, we have no choice but to protect it. The message here is "Don't like your surroundings? Then stay and work to change them. Don't run, don't leave and certainly don't go somewhere else and demand they change to suit you!" Not everyone was allowed to show up at your posh dinner or live in your posh neighborhood. With anything worth having there comes a responsibility to protect it, otherwise it will no longer be worth anything. That's all this is about - maintaining a quality of life for all citizens and protecting what we already have worked so hard to achieve. Unfortunately, we have ONE person speaking on our behalf on the national stage and person happens to be Donald Trump. I'm sorry if he offends you. He offends me too! Making fun and insulting people is certainly unpleasant but the suffering which occurs as a result of being made fun of or denigrated in public is nothing compared to the level of suffering - physical, emotional and spiritual experienced by millions of people, your fellow Americans - right now. No one has ever died from an insult. We do not live in a Utopia. Priorities and tough decisions must be made. There are things that can be done to end the suffering and if in doing so it affects people who do not live here, do have any history here and do not legally belong here, then so be it.
red dog5772:
so far trump has been right on everything
Hollywood....did you expect something else,,,as far as the reporter in question:
But back to the charges against Trump: Is it asking too much for these people who are constantly attacking him to actually know what they are talking about? To be honest brokers of information? To be just a bit judicious?
Quite clearly the only response has to be yes, it is too much. Because if they were to deal with the facts, their meme would collapse.
The incident in question is Trump supposedly mocking New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, whose hand and arm movement on his right side is impaired due to arthrogryposis. Video from 2015 seems to indicate that Trump was indeed cruelly imitating the man.
But the media are too lazy and those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome are too nasty and small-minded to look deeper. The truth is, Trump has often used those same convulsive gestures to mimic the mannerisms of people, including himself, who are rattled and exasperated.
Why couldn't the mainstream media look this up? Gavin McInnes of and Taki's Magazine did, and he has the video evidence to show that Trump has a history of flailing his arms to make a point. It isn't something he reserved for Kovaleski".

    Trump called Streep "over-rated" and a "flunky" after Streep used a keynote speech at the Golden Globes to speak out against Trump's mocking of a disabled New York Times reporter.