Billy Currington - Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer

>>BillyCurringtonVEVO>>Billy Currington - Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer
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I'd love to "hand you one more" by smashing a glass into your into cuntface and then finishing the job with my shoe
Bernard Whitefish:
Beer I can drink, but not good at it...20!8/20!9
Chris Thompson:
Let's open some cold ones boys oh hell yeah
Diego Fernando:
Aparently in USA blonde people fight for woman throwing balls in cups with beer... what an interesting culture there ! haha Greetings from Brasil !
Jonathan Muralles:
Ha! I got fired two days ago and this was the first song I listened to after getting fired.
Matt Patercsak:
Shades of first date by blink! (As far as the video goes)
Michael Marner:
This song and music video make me so damn proud to be an American.
Nathan Roberts:
Party foul! That nigga just waisted a perfectly good beer!
SUAL Studio:
Pretty good at havin' Sex. That would be the song part 2 after being drunk with beer
T Peyerl:
I am also pretty good at drinking beer
The UnderArm:
You dont need the tall if its Budweiser
Tom Schenk:
only here bc spotify took it off
carlos zepeda:
Love the song but.... fuck that it's called a life.
jerry her:
Billy curringtons the guy in the wig and fake mustache 😎😎
joker _070704:
Why did they delete this on Spotify and iTunes

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