Gabriel Iglesias and Apollo Crews have a laugh at The Miz's expense: SmackDown LIVE, Dec. 13, 2016

>>WWE>>Gabriel Iglesias and Apollo Crews have a laugh at The Miz's expense: SmackDown LIVE, Dec. 13, 2016
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Admiral Sandwich:
Where did you get that belt? The toy story?
Angbaby4 life auz:
Their can’t speak French to save their life’s. It’s not au voir it’s au revoir
Anthony Michael:
If miz talked to me i would start to call the shield who are all grand slam champions because they took miz's ic title
Apex predator The Viper Jared Orton:
Miz what's mess up with goodwill bicth
Daniel Strietz:
I can't get wrestling. It just seems so ridiculous to me. I respect the wrestlers because their job isn't easy but it's so cheesy when the acting part comes in.
David Stevens:
If only you can dislike a video more than once
Ok ill give it to Miz nailed the Ace ventura laugh.
Ethan Belland:
When miz said what are you 12 he should of said ya 12 inches deep in your mom
Hutch the Husky:
How dare Miz and Maryse disrespect Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias!!!! 😤 😤 😤 😤
Justin Noe:
Whats funny is Gabriel has been in the show biz alot longer than the miz has
Laura The Wolf:
FLUFFY!!!! WHERE'S MARTIN?!!!? (Or Philippe..)
Melina Herrera:
Next time the miz should just train somewhere else because he says he "has the MONEY"💸💸💸💸💸
Nathan Biller:
I wish Gabriel mentioned that his net worth was around 6x the Miz’s when he did the Good Will joke
Quinnbie q:
She’s just says bye in French and fluffy is just mocking her
The UnderArm:
Lool i thought i was looking in the mirror

    Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias lends some A-List humor to SmackDown LIVE.


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