Gabriel Iglesias and Apollo Crews have a laugh at The Miz's expense: SmackDown LIVE, Dec. 13, 2016

>>WWE>>Gabriel Iglesias and Apollo Crews have a laugh at The Miz's expense: SmackDown LIVE, Dec. 13, 2016
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Austinator The Cyborg:
What r u the champion of, participating
Brian Osterbuhr:
Yeah I love you Gabriel iglesis he is the comic legend very funny guy I saw him in Billings my I hope he comes again
Connor Slade:
It’s not au voir it’s au revoir
Devin Mccurry:
Is his name a mix of apollo creed and terry crews.
Erick Smith Diaz:
1:33 it’s Apollo crews not Apollo creed from rocky
Golden eye:
Is that where miz got his wife at good well
Jesus Ceja:
Stop being mean to the funny man
Justin White:
That moment when Fluffy (Gabriel) is the only celebrity to get cheered in WWE
Kabuto 43:
*miz asks* "are you 12" *I ask* "are you 1"
Luis Rodtiguez:
owa pee wee herman ssys that you fool
Moh Ez:
Did you create that cringy intro to Miz's song?
Omega 3370:
Gotta love Gabriel. He’s a humble dude
Sergio Lopez:
Ty C:
If it’s 5,000 where did u get the money to buy it?
deaths angel:
Every one who is with Gabriel when the time comes to help him we all jump who ever it is because he gets more consintration from me than wwe for a fact I also can't spell

    Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias lends some A-List humor to SmackDown LIVE.


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