14 Year Old Stars Battle 2016 - Julian Newman VS LaMelo Ball

>>Basketball - the best ball game in the world>>14 Year Old Stars Battle 2016 - Julian Newman VS LaMelo Ball
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Abel Diaz:
LaMelo in my opinion is better
Anthony Ochoa:
Not hating or anything but lamelo isn't that good
Awesome Zach:
They are both good but you can't compare when lamelo is playing in the d1
and Newman is playing with these teams that have 3 digit numbers lamelo is
better Newman is not a team player
Batman 23:
Lamelo cause he playing teams like bishop odowd
Brandon Wilkerson:
They both real good but I got to go with lamelo they still both miss but
his a better player
Cam's World:
This is the kid they say I play like?I never seen his skills until now. I'm
a year behind him though.
Donny Roy:
Let me see Julian play a great team den will talk. But lamelo is goin to
make it to the league no matter wht. And Julian is no where near as good as
Elijah King:
first of all Julian Newman plays the best confrence in his region and not
only that he's been playing in that conference and starting varsity since
his team moved there when he was in the 8th grade. also before he moved
into that conference he was still starting varsity in the conference he was
in since he was in the 5th grade.so before you go jumping to conclusions
that Julian plays nobody you should at least no the facts about him and as
much as I like lamelo ball. like most of you said, he plays for the best
team in the nation and to tell you the truth he's not even the best player
in his grade at his own school I think that 21 kid is way better than melo
so don't judge Julian Newman for stuff that's not true
Fitzroy Belarmino:
it's not about height so I'm gonna go with Julian Newman...
LaMelo plays way harder teams.
Gregory Aguirre:
you can tell they are both on different levels by looking at where they
play and the crowd...julian plays on normal court with not many people in
crowd and LaMelo plays on crazy court with huge crowd thats the difference
in competition they aren't even close to each other lmao who even made this
videi take this shit down
Jack Quigley:
Melo is so much better than Julian
Mercedes Vasquez:
bruh can Julian just stop hogging the ball
NBA Mixes:
Julian will be a great streatballer, LaMelo making in to the NBA. #facts
junior ochoa:
come on guys newman is just and forever will be just an internet baller.

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