Lisa Lampanelli - The Best Comedian Ever

>>Vegar Moen>>Lisa Lampanelli - The Best Comedian Ever
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Abhishekk Kasana:
She is good but best comedian ever??? Really??? Is this the best comedian ever??
Bri San:
She's funny. Why does it have so many dislikes? I'm hispanic and the comedy from the stereotypes are so ridiculous I could never get offended. Every hispanic I know works their ass off and has at least 2 jobs. You have to have a sense of humor. In spanish there is a saying, "you get mad, you lose."
Clay Warner:
Best comedian ever? What idiot said this? GTFO Carlin, Bruce and Pryor are rolling in their garves, fuck this dumb whore.
Amy Schumer, take note. This woman talks about sex and is actually funny
Haha, she's one of the only female comadians who really made me laugh!
I'm all up for funny racist and offensive jokes but this got dry fast. imo
Jim Gray:
Isn't the black guy Michael Winslow the sound effects guy from the police academy movies
Karicat Watts:
It's a tough crowd in here. The comment section could be fuel for a stand up routine. Jeezs
Lance Baker:
Stopped watching at 02:15. All cursing, nothing funny. Hardly the "Best Commedian Ever".
Left Economist:
Some of these jokes are funny as fuck. People confused why people aren't offended, because its obviously a fucking piss take of stereotyping, at least thats why I found it hilarious. There are actual racists in the world though that are completely serious about this shit; people aren't always just "triggered" by shit, but actually feel insulted and humiliated by racism.
Linda Crouch:
She's not funny.  She's just vulgar.
Robert Carr:
A real American!! Lisa and Richard Pryor ..the only people to play the race card..without repercussions...
ff 5 yrs this bitch slimmed , married her dream white guy, an had to get white writers in for her new scripts....Haul your stinking muddacunt amy7lisa
Sarah Hajian:
you stink and all your jokes stink you better understand difference being dirty bitch and stand up comedian
Steve from Yellowstone:
having shit like Amy schumer, Sarah silverman, ellen, elilza shlesinger on the 'suggested videos' should be reason enough for Lisa to sue youtube

    Lisa Lampanelli talks about stereotypes.