Lisa Lampanelli - The Best Comedian Ever

>>Vegar Moen>>Lisa Lampanelli - The Best Comedian Ever
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Not the best comedian ever.
That was Greg Giraldo.
Hands Down.
Brent Fabian Rayburn:
People who are offended by this are sooo fucking stupid. Its called insult comedy. She says things SO outlandish that u can't possibly take it seriously. Lighten up and fucking laugh you miserable fucking fags. And I'm a fag BTW. Its fucking funny asswipes.
Cathy Demosthenous:
She pretty open but that's good l like it !!!!
Cesar Alvarez:
Within a few minutes I easily came to the conclusion that the tittle of this video was created by this comedian, she would be only one who would find her funny, the rest of the world could not stand her for more than 10 minutes and even for an hour. Seven minutes is the most I could endure.
Cody the Barber:
She knows how to offend equally!
James Johnson:
I’ve always loved her and will continue too
Niki M:
One thing i noticed with these female comedians is that almost all of them think the only way to be funny is to talk dirty and talk about sex or their private parts. Is that all they see as being funny?
You don't see that with male comedians. At least not all the time. They use all random everyday subjects and turn them into something funny.
One World:
first time seeing her show. she's got a streak of don rickles, rodney dangerfield, and phyllis diller...... and yeah it's kinda refreshing to hear the stereotypes and they all dig it:)
Yul Gomez:
Lisa lampanelli is the don rickles of comedy.
The words lose their power when they are repeated so often. But coming from a fat, white woman, the words are repeated often yet maintain their shock value. A friend told me to listen to one of her shows. She is funny AF as long as the audience plays along and doesn't get offended by her crudeness. 3.5 outta four stars. She gets the extra .5 star for including cripple people in her act.
Idk why this bitch thinks she has to be so vulgar to be funny. She comes across as very unlikable and trashy.
roger mauck:
she is so hilarious and i absolutely love her comedy routines
Christopher dorner sent me here<(
shane gal:
she's so honest and racist jokes....funny she still alive?
Are people paid to laugh at this shit?

    Lisa Lampanelli talks about stereotypes.