Lisa Lampanelli - The Best Comedian Ever

>>Vegar Moen>>Lisa Lampanelli - The Best Comedian Ever
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Carl Jr Smith:
this is funny as hell and I'm not butthurt either
David Williams:
Making fun of ourselves and stereotypes takes away the power of those words, it brings people together instead of further apart well, except for marrow minded uptight a holes like the ones who are offended.
Donkeehote Go:
Best comedian? LOL  The worst human being ever.
Dylan McCormack:
I love how playfully racist she is.. Is that a thing? Yeah I think that's a thing. Love well-executed satire.
Heart Filled Withlove:
2.5+.......people wow.............
But not once I laughed either.............. just average humor.......
Jay Benn:
I'm not offended. But their are much better "offensive" comedians who actually have intelligent racial commentary like Louis C.k for instance. This is just mostly shock/roast style humor. Still laughed a lot though
Joze Rodriguez:
That lazy white bitch has an ostrich African pussy. Large enough to lay the largest eggs on earth but not big enough to be well recognized. She fucks blacks to feel better about herself but can't even get nice plastic surgery done. Looking like theory of Darwin except reverse. Why do white peoples old necks look like stretch out pussy lips? They look like turkeys. You know I met some nasty white traSh bitch in my neighborhood and she tried telling racist jokes. Except she was erased from our town for stealing people ideas and worshipping the devil. Just like her ancestors did to all of Africa. It's funny because ostrich bitch makes a comedy about how people of color live on stereotypes. The stereotype she forgot is how so many white ppl buy into the whole alien bullshit of their ancestors but don't realize they actually came from black ppl. Lmao 😂 I love this ostrich bitch. She makes me wanna fuck deficient allergic white bitches. Lol
I'm an ethnic and I loved this show. She hit on my group plenty of times. I was laughing all through the show.
Lance Baker:
Faggy, fuck, ass, bastard, dildo in the first 28 seconds. She knows all the modern comedian words, but she isn't funny. Thumbs down.
She's hilarious! Id love to see her live
Omair Sheikh:
Sheer genius. Sharp and aggressive as fuck. The way she relates jokes with the audience members is unbelievable. Doesn't get old
Steve Carras:
That nasal voice is so recognizable and hilarious, BITTTTCH.
And never ONCE performed at UC Berkley, I'll bet!
Those soccer moms between the ages of 35 and cunt... Gets me every time!!!!!
she is fucking great , this was fan- tastic

    Lisa Lampanelli talks about stereotypes.