Lisa Lampanelli - The Best Comedian Ever

>>Vegar Moen>>Lisa Lampanelli - The Best Comedian Ever
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Chas Stack:
oh god it's 11:30 pm I shouldn't be laughing this loud , only richard pryor made me laugh this hard
Coleman Adamson:
She can't do anything but sex jokes......lame.
Copernicus Verticus:
Please share this with all SJWs. But at last, a female comedian brought a smile to face. I guess there`s always the exception to the rule.
Eek a Mouse:
What? this is fucking shite !! I can see morons lapping it up , the type you get on farcebook calling everycunt a snowflake and butthurt haha only for morons ... avoid .
J Garcia:
I wish CNN MSNBC All of them could be Hacked and replaced with this and old Sam Kinnison stuff for about 24 Hours that should do it... All the Psyc Wards would be filled to capacity... And The Suicides YES I Love It!
Janice Jacome: did l live this long without discovering he...shes is FANTASTICA..LOVE her!!!!!
Joe Morrow:
It's nice to people of all Colors laughing together! we need this in our country
Looking For The Exit:
Insults equals comedy ?........Hmmmm
Mark Nembhard:
She is funny. Not the greatest. Too subjective
Morgan Olfursson:
Not a lot of jokes on Jews , i guess she knows who signs her paycheck . good little puppet puppy girl .
What does Iraqi and curry have to do with each other ?
I dare her to make those same jokes on jews see what happens .
Ask John Galliano .
I just behaved like a monkey laughing my ass off for 60 minutes, hat's off.
Vince Freeman:
Props to Lisa for not holding back. Amazing show!
Lol she funny but damn all she pretty much say is racist and shock value shit if she had more dept and a plot she might be the funniest female comedian
jack nicholson:
Fuck political correctness! Its what's wrong with America. You Go Lisa!!
Not impressed. She isn't really funny, she just uses stereotypes as her schtick. Yawn...

    Lisa Lampanelli talks about stereotypes.