Lisa Lampanelli - The Best Comedian Ever

>>Vegar Moen>>Lisa Lampanelli - The Best Comedian Ever
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Once you go black, the cops will attack!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
She put everyone down except for white people it was mostly about blacks and hispanics stereotypes. SHe would be funny if she wasnt purposefully speaking about the different races but her own.
Christer Jervhall:
She is great. You should be able to joke about everything and she does.
Comedian Tiffany Davis:
Female comedian from Alabama
Diamond Queen:
This Bitch is Dumb straight 🔥 I fuckin 💘 her! Her silly ass said she lost her "wide on" 😃😄😄😄😂😂😂😂😂😂 DAMN 👍
Gregory Thorson:
Hey black girls make sure you sleep with the white guy there's nothing better than having a kid with a white guy black girls we actually pay for him just kidding but we do.
Gry Henriksen:
People better know what she's about before they go to one of these shows (rofl)
John MacTavish:
3k dislikes. wow. who are these fucking people
Thank you LL!....gotta luv ya!...keep your great comedy goin'.....a relief for greatly needed social tensions!...peace and love to ya!
Rick Boyd:
The snowflakes are melting love you girl !!!
Tehesha Bozeman:
tjis woman is funny as shit.....
Tender Sheep:
Haven't watched this video yet but I know.... Black dick jokes are coming!
Vance L. Gilmore:
She is FANTASTIC!!! That Bitch deserves a fuckin DOCTORATE in social commentary. Highest honors.
Will Flynn:
This lady is fantastic! I can't believe she isn't a huge star yet! She needs her own HBO or Netflix comedy sitcom. She is by far the funniest female comic I have ever seen. And yes I am a 52 yr old black man so I have seen quite a few lady comics! She is by far the best! She gets the fact that when it comes to comedy NOTHING is off limits!
I don't see here as a comedian. She just makes fun of people. Not even in the same ballpark as one of the funniest. thumbs down for title. BAD Vegar... BAD!

    Lisa Lampanelli talks about stereotypes.