Lisa Lampanelli - The Best Comedian Ever

>>Vegar Moen>>Lisa Lampanelli - The Best Comedian Ever
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Arjam Roskam:
Why are people getting butthurt over this vid? Just break out the glasspipe and smoke some $50.00 krack'll get over it. Better is too mainline some H, you won't care what the bitch says.....
Baby Jeanie Presents:
Funny as hell! Why am I just finding out about this lady? Thanks for sharing 😘
Christopher Bedford:
This was funny up to about the 12 minute mark and it started getting... boring. Enough is enough already
Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov:
Fatness gives you magical comedic superpowers.
I'm Jack's Nipples:
Only female comic I've ever laughed at
Jack Daniels-Son:
LOVES BLACK DICK but doesnt have a big black BOOTY ass to bounce up and down on one, lol WEVE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE HONEY
Jon Eblop:
all these people in the comments crying over jokes
Juliet Higgins:
Do not like your style. You have the talent yet too vulgar for me.
Nic Goodburn:
shes so cool, that crowd was great.
Philip Perry:
wow i have spent the last hour in stitches. Wiping tears from my eyes
now that is one funny lady.
dont u just love the the fact its un pc
keep them laughing
lisa. if you din have a big jew nose id of sorted u out lmao
thank u mate
Sonya Victorino-Serrao:
she is da bomb..Why Hate....enjoy and laugh
Tweeney Weeney:
Strange aint it, she mocks blacks, whites, hispanics, chinese, gays, fats, bald, aged, jews... everyone apart from muslim terrorists!!!?
hadi Rizvi:
racist bitch this isn't comedy
mobis ware:
Does NOT live up to the title. Not even the best white female comedian alive.
She's a fucking living legend, we're gonna look back at her as the icon she is.

    Lisa Lampanelli talks about stereotypes.