TigerNet.com - Dabo Swinney calls Colin Cowherd a fraud after winning national title

>>Tigernetdotcom>>TigerNet.com - Dabo Swinney calls Colin Cowherd a fraud after winning national title
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Al Kehrer:
cow terd is right douche nosel he actually is awefull I've necrer liked him
his show sucks
Carlos Perdomo:
He must of thought Clemson was a Dominican or something.
Colin couldn't handle video games being on ESPN so he quit the channel.
G-Dub 85:
as Steve Smith said, Dabo went 0 to a hunned real quick on Colin
lmao....Colin still the man though. ppl today act as if they're never wrong
about anything in their life smh and you are omg the world is ending
Colin Cowherd = Buzzfeed News ?
Matt Spaulding:
More people should call out the "Hot take" squad for shit like this. All
they do is pretend to have strong opinions about how right they are about
stuff, and never own up to how often they are wrong. He never would have
addressed these comments if Swinney didn't call him out here.
Michael Highland:
from a bama fan... congrats to clemson... and way to go dabo!!!! well
said!!! cowherd= cowturd/ "coward"
Rob Hicks:
THANK YOU DABO I CAN'T STAND COWERD!!!! this is coming from a bama fan. he
is the epidimy of gossip
That Dude:
Colin Cowherd is a nasty C Sucker
The Chad:
Every word he said after the game was "The Lord put us here. We love each
other!" then he proceeds to call Colin a coward. If it's frauds we are
speaking of here one perhaps should think before he speaks.
Viagra Works:
I hate Clemson but I love this
Vincent Adultman:
'Member there was a dude named Cowherd on ESPN?
Vljmhhnjnjh Bhbfg:
for once.ill do a dab for dabo and he was right !
I'm a gamecock, but I have to say I have never seen a coach have more love
for his team than Dabo. I am truly in awe of how passionate he is about
Clemson football, he definitely has never held back from defending his
program. Even though I usually hate Clemson, I have to say I'm really happy
for them and Coach Dabo and at the end of the day, it's nice seeing the
state of SC bring it home in both baseball and now football this last year!
kevin tyson:
Colin had sex with my wife, so he's no coward..He da real MVP