Hear what Damien Harris said after Alabama's 35-31 loss to Clemson

>>Alabama Crimson Tide on AL.com>>Hear what Damien Harris said after Alabama's 35-31 loss to Clemson
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Alex Brown:
Well spoken kid. Hope his role continues to grow for this team going
Bk “Bkfinest704” Finest:
Lol why cant they just admit that they were useless without scarbrough? Lol
This young man handled those ridiculous and untimely questions as well as
anyone could. Hats off to him and im a 'Noles fan. They should wait until
these guys are giving a post game press conference. Smh..give the kids a
Elroy Jefferson:
Y'all mother can stop talking about next yr .
If they don't want to be interviewed or answer questions they shouldn't
have to
Genda Minoru:
reporter gonna get smacked upside the head - but actually you do think you
have the God given right to a win.
Ian Rowland:
he lools like the key and peele dude
Jeffrey Sykes:
That's a lot of poise for a 19 year old sophomore. Great effort Damien. See
you next season.
Kevin Thomkins:
As the game went on it got tougher, that's what happens when you face a
real championship caliber team, Go Tigers
This boy is rude. You need to be able to take a loss just like you take a
win. I bet if they won and this guys asked what coach said in the locker
room he would have told him. What a moron
Mr.Exclusive SQUAD:
Alabama Defense Lost The Game
Ralph Smith:
if you're a real sports fan speak the truth it was the play calling hurt
looked like a dear in the head lights out there and we know why he was lost
out there nobody to tell him what to do simple as that.nothing else to be
Rem Rem:
I mean come on 4 years of college and still dont know how to ask
questions,now i see why nick be angry lol
Tim Riley:
Awesome public speaking skills. Even more difficult after an emotional game.
Very insightful. Damien will have a great journalism career after football.
Thanks Damien. Fuck the press. 'Nough said.

    Alabama running Damien Harris back discusses the loss to Clemson in the College Football National Championship.