Ankle Breaker Academy: How to Break Ankles | Basketball Moves (HD)

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Anton Harrison:
Show me how to get pass people by moving fast
Azrael Archangel:
I just attack their high foot drive fast and then step back. It makes them get off balance. Then I either pull up for a close floater or score on the other side of the rim.
Do How to be the greatest like Brian Scalabrine
Chris Legaspi:
Please stop Stephen Curry a great ball handler. He’s decent. He’s just a extremely fearsome shooter so defenders defend extremely far up, allowing themselves to be crossed up at any point.
Fire Jr:
am i the only one who broke his own ankles...
Bro these tips are really helpful. We won our game and thank you very much! You deserve more subs.
Kiki Bhansali:
Demarcus cousins breaking ankles
Michael Salas:
I dropped someone so hard, they left a hole in the ground. Thanks man
Nba Boy:
this is so cool i broke 4 peoples ankels crossed 1 got 40 points 12 rebounds and 8 assists
Rohan Kurpad:
How do u really sell it with ur shoulders
Ryan McGuire:
i play on a d1 college team just because of my dribbiling skills
Tom Dibble:
i made my friend did the splits
I broke someone just by sprinting then just changing direction. RIP
richard loyola:
tnks many players I have break there ankles because of your teaching but many players know had copy and memorize my moves so pls give me another video that is new. :-)
vihan modi:
I got hella speed but dunno how to use it

    Ankle Breaker Academy: How to Break Ankles | Basketball Move (FREE WORKOUT)

8 Ankle Breaking Keys:
1. Change of Speed
2. Change of Direction
3. Attack Top Foot
4. Sell with Eyes
5. Keep it Low
6. Throw your Shoulder
7. Use Ball Screens
8. Combo Moves Together

Welcome to our Ankle Breaker Academy! Today you will learn the 8 key to absolutely destroying your defender. Once you master these keys you will be unstoppable with a crossover, pull-back, combo, or pretty much any other move you decide to bust out.

In this video you will learn from some of the best ankle breakers in the NBA including Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Jamal Crawford, and Chris Paul. Are you ready to perfect your crossover and start putting your defenders on skate? If so this is the video for you!

Shot Mechanics combines the advantages of personalized coaching with the accessibility of the internet.

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