Best Crossovers and Ankle Breakers of 2017-18 NBA Season Ultimate Compilation

>>CliveNBAParody>>Best Crossovers and Ankle Breakers of 2017-18 NBA Season Ultimate Compilation
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Aiden Basketball:
Howard’s was no ankle breaker
Baseballjames 14:
The first one was not a ankle breaker his teammate tripped him
Brandon Smith:
We can agree that the kyrie and lakers ankle breakers had u crying 😂😂
Callum Shannon:
Te Russell Westbrook One he did not actually get ankle break he just Tripped over Stevan Adams foot
Who has the best handles in the NBA?
Eliijah Navas:
When I watched this I knew most of this was kyrie lol he’s my fav too
Was the guy in the first video wearing a hat?
russ stepped on adams that wasn't crossover :)
Brodie really got crossed by funny looking Elfred
Nolann Leclercq:
Other memory survival link profession fair nuclear survey reward Arab ever personal
Roman Wade:
Love how it got silent when curry crossed up somebody like he didn’t mean shit 😂
1:53 boi didnt wanna get fouled ahaha
Wtf happened to the guy at 5:37
Theploit 99:
No mames el primero es por qué Westbrook se cayó por el tenis de Adams
tony rubio:
he got tripped up with steven adams foot clearly didnt get crossed let them go one on one russ will D him up but payton do got handles

    Best Crossovers and Ankle Breakers of 2017-2018 NBA Season

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