Darius Rucker - Let Her Cry HD (Live)

>>Kingscup20>>Darius Rucker - Let Her Cry HD (Live)
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Allisia Hume-Cook:
A truly captivating and beautiful surprise. Thankyou for sharing a part of you through your music. Love listening to your voice telling a story xo
Colby Bryan:
Amazing song but some of the lyrics are kinda depressing 😂
Flippintickled, Inc:
Various interpretation throughout this recording... Oh, I had a line by line done, but it got erased..... still I think this is the MOST TRUE and EMOTIONAL version of this song you'll find... ask Darius himself if you are fortunate enough to challenge personally! He addresses his own Mamma here... and I think the response he sings about is probably the response his own Mother gave him! If Darius EVER addresses it and says it was all made up.... then he belongs in Hollywood, not Nashville!!! Because he made a believer in true life and love out of me with this song, and rendition..... I would NEVER call this a performance, because that implies falsehood, and I don't feel anything fake about this!!
Joel Mcmurray:
that will get you through a divorce or a separation just listen to it over and over
John Moore:
Darius Rucker is the M****F**** man!!
Judy Mcmanus:
i love darius rucker now and with hootie
Keith Young:
48 people need a boot in the pie
Kim Lauder:
Wow,This is When Darius Sang With Hootie and The Blowfish...Lead Singer,The Singer.Sure Like His Country Style Just As Good.😳
Outlaw Rocky:
Man is an all time favorite of mine from Hootie to Country. He's is not only an amazing artist, but an amazing man!!! Keep getn after it Darius!!!
Country, pop, call what you want, that is an awesome voice. Rucker is THE man
T Bone:
Miss the Blowfish. Hootie is great, but even better the other guys.
Hootie and blow fish wasn't a country music band.
joe johnston:
This is so much better than the hootie and the blowfish version. DAMN
although "Lionel" was as at the bus stop with ,no coinage,, just walk to the next, stop playing the game, and the next till it left me! Like they walk out!.
this guy is the absolute best. what a voice,heart,and love for his craft. if its country, or pop he is the man.thank you Mr..Rucker I think your one of the best vocalists of all time .....love it

    Darius Rucker - Let Her Cry HD (Live)