Cole Swindell - Hope You Get Lonely Tonight

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - Hope You Get Lonely Tonight
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Cole Swindell (Composer),Hope You Get Lonely Tonight (Musical Recording),Country (Musical Genre)

Brandi Browning:
Cole hopes you get lonely so he can get a booty call lol
Captain Sparrow:
can someone make karaoke out of this song please?
Cheryl Hardy:
I'm​ always lonely tonight. true story to and I am Cheryl Hardy
Christopher Garza:
Who is everybody's favorite country singer?
Debbie Feasler:
great song to a ex ..everyone thinks this way once on awhile
Dovie Waller:
I've got room for a little regret. ;)
Emily Wieskamp:
ilove. happy birthday Cole Swindell I hope your wishes will come true hope you be lonely tonight I love that song it's my favorite I'm your biggest fan:-)
Erika Blagowsky:
I just started listening to cole within the past 6 months but I am a huge fan and love his music
Gregory Christine:
I'm with one girl we have our own place together but I do miss another
Johnnie Logan:
can't believe just know herring this song PS grandmothers gmail lol
Richard Garcia:
I'm new to country songs, but I really enjoy playing ain't worth a whiskey
Shayd Johnson:
I got dumped about 7 months ago and I'm 12 and she dumped me for my football teams Qb
De-evolving culture. No disrespect to Cole. He got a good voice, but this 'lets get out drunk and fuck on' isnt country music or culture. Good song otherwise, I wished he had better lyrics.
jojo roma:
this song now is my favorite love song with my girl friend
I'm lonely if he's the solution 😀

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