Cole Swindell - Hope You Get Lonely Tonight

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - Hope You Get Lonely Tonight
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Cole Swindell (Composer),Hope You Get Lonely Tonight (Musical Recording),Country (Musical Genre)

Cheryl Hardy:
I am lonely because my husband wants to leave me so if he does I will be
lonely when he does and I am very very very very very sad now
Jason Conner:
Dirley Duncan I hope you get really lonely tonight and every night
Kayden Peasley:
if ur feeling what I'm feeling let's mix it up... lol i love this song so
much... this is what I'm hoping my crush does.
Kid Martin:
I wished wife would listen to it.She needs to get back to reality I think
she living in a dream world. quit doing drugs and straighten ur ass up,
your boys need you in their life.
Makarah Mcfarlan:
I think Cole Swindell so cute but I'm 12 years old
Mary Carter:
this is one of my favorite songs of all country songs. seriously! your very
attractive and adorable.
Matt Hancock:
I'm single and really I just say fuck it ....Tired of being with people
that just want you for time and money....2 houses 2 different states 28
years old next month fuck it ....
Monae Doyle:
I'm feeling sad because I'm sick. I wish Cole could come and sing to me. I
love this song.
Orion's Star:
I hope I get Lucky Tonight :-p
Robert Scott:
hope you are not lonely this Christmas!!!!!
Salek Farms:
WTF is Cole doing driving a dodge!!
fast results:
God so many times I wished you had gotten just a litter more lonely like
tonight and last night
What a great song! Too bad you can never listen to that kind of music here
in germany - except internet radio.
mackenzie warren:
I love this song #ilovecoleswindell
miki dreams:
god he is so sexy and all his songs i feel so deeply with everyone i know
and all the guys i ever dated!!

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