Cole Swindell - Hope You Get Lonely Tonight

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - Hope You Get Lonely Tonight
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Cole Swindell (Composer),Hope You Get Lonely Tonight (Musical Recording),Country (Musical Genre)

Brandi Browning:
Cole hopes you get lonely so he can get a booty call lol
Devon Cain:
I've picked up my lonely girlfriend and took her out into a farmers field and tore it up
Erika Blagowsky:
Cole is becoming my favorite singer I love his music
Gary Walter:
W are way back and the first thing I thought you were
Heathur Michelle:
Anyone else find the lyrics creepy? Like, please get hammered and lonely and let me pick you up and bang you and take advantage of you.
Jennifer Buchmann:
That's a given😂lmfao~In a mood tonight.
Josey Spergon:
in regards to elasti city comments I done with this childish shit so you can post comment after comment your A child
Kristi Miller:
love this song and I also love cole swindell
Maria De Alba:
Yeah. Hanging with uber driver yapping about misc stuff. So where u
Michael Wildman:
I play this song a lot too this is a true song there a lot a lonely girls out there and you can call me if you get to lonely
Shilo Nikki:
ik I'm young but Cole swindell is really hot lol
SilverWolf Gaming297:
People stop with the rude comments and Cole is taken you idiots geez
Westie Friend:
Sounds a little like Dietks and ...
jason Danks:
I love this song beautiful such a amazing song
여자가 이뿌네.. 이뻐 ...

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