High School. 2015 Undern Armour. Elite 24 Game 22.08.15

>>HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL>>High School. 2015 Undern Armour. Elite 24 Game 22.08.15
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By Any Means Basketball:
Go check out the E24 mixtape on our channel along with our documentaries
and workout videos!
Daysaun Webster:
i wasnt expecting that 360 from frank
Geraldine McDaniel:
IF u got your A game come see me
Jo Bu:
Where do u get those videos? Do u record them?
Marquel Daigle:
You are a rare breed when it comes to youtube, you're consistent 😂😂
Rickey Jones:
why is ronald jefferson not in this he is way better than rawle alkins
Not gunna lie, this has to be the dopest venue for a basketball game! Its
beautiful and the jerseys look sick af to
Tillie Stone:
I live in the same city as Michael Porter Jr he's a freaking beast he
dunked and posterized someone from the free throw line
Tommy SBDDC:
Sudan body type don't get strong fuck outta here.
michael torres:
I wish they got rid of the guy with the mic, he is annoying
nick murray:
People don't understand in New York there's no dunk that can match somebody
getting crossed
okokok okokok:
you always come through....... u the real mvp