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Andrew Bowen:
if only he was a little faster, he would have had some massive touchdown runs
Ben Smith:
Vision early and sees his angle which is usually straight and gets downfield with speed.
Ben Whitehead:
Another great video. Everybody check out this "villain" series by BLACKHORSE09. It's extremely good, just like these videos. Izallgood, wish you'd give them a shoutout like you did those other channels because the videos were too good to be so seldom seen. Can't wait for your post playoff vids, and as always, stay safe over there.
I was on the same team as Damien in high school. No one could tackle him. His elusiveness and vision is insane
Hunter Jones:
I honestly think this is the most deadly rushing attack Alabama has ever had, we have 4 guys liable to break 100 rushing yards a game(Jalen, Damien, Bo, and Josh, and we haven't even really seen what BJ can do with the ball)
John Lewis:
He reminds me of Mark Ingram and Scarbrough reminds me of Derrick Henry.
Jordan Lesley:
that's what's I call a taste in music
NBDxSupreme 16:
Finds a hole in the line every time great vision
Round Table Sports:
If he adds some more speed this offseason we'll have our third heisman winner
Tyler S:
And he's a freshman, right?  Love that our top recruiting classes of the past are shining.
White Tiger:
redo the music with some old school real alabama rap shit. Look up the song "feel me ni" just type that in and its the first one on top. THE HARDEST SONG FROM ALABAMA
candy mcdaniel:
I honestly thought he should have got more touches in the NCG.
christopher fleenor:
That moment you realize Bama has 3 good RBs and the most highly rated RB recruit Bama has ever gotten inbound....
ricky the great:
honestly his freshman to sophmore jump has been amazing best vision in a saban back so far

    Damien Harris has great vision. He has a great Burst of speed off the line of scrimmage and the ability to gain a yards quickly .

Clips: https://youtu.be/OwGj7qD1owU
Alabama Game Highlights
Music: https://youtu.be/sJM3Z9Gi_dA

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