"Fluffy & The Demon" - Hey It's Fluffy - Gabriel Iglesias

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>"Fluffy & The Demon" - Hey It's Fluffy - Gabriel Iglesias
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Cam Production's:
this is so incorect, fluffy would never drop popcorn
Castiel Ware:
I wish my boyfriend smelled like cheesecake 😞
Corey Messick:
Can't help but think of Dead Alive. I KICK ARSE FOR THE LORD!
dont forget.....the fifth level of fatness

Formless Five:
0:16 - 0:17 why he look like JonTron?
moral of the story: when a man comes up to you in a dark ally and opens his coat, walk away...
Ivette Aponte:
This is the funny guy who say wow is ok I'm not drank
Kat Myers:
Am I the only one who thought it said DanTDM at first?
Is he...

Is he referring to the five levels of um, size? Wait, then the TV show should be called FluffyTV or even HealthyTV, but DAMNTV is too much... Fluffy, you're not anywhere near Damn...
M¥$+ D£S+?0¥ @//

Like if you could understand and/or reed
Ryland Fesser:
He should make a tv series animated
Scribble Dip:
Men I guess I expected more but it was rushed I guessed
T Harmon:
1.Big 2.Healthy 3.Husky 4.Fluffy 5.DAMN! 6. Oh Hell No! I found the seventh *Large footsteps heard in the distance* 7.RUN!!!!!!!!
The Underdog From The Underground:
1:59 When Roman Reigns Was #30 In The Royal Rumble
i am sans im awesomr:
Hold me hahaha hahaha hahahahahahagagahahahagagaga

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