LaMelo Ball Has The Limitless Range Badge!! | Full Highlights From theLEAGUE

>>BallerVisions>>LaMelo Ball Has The Limitless Range Badge!! | Full Highlights From theLEAGUE
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Alex Kim:
My left ear be feeling lonely at 1:16
Cam's World:
This the kid they been telling me my game looks like but he's in Cali I'm in Florida.We won't meet until College I'm also in 8th grade.
He's good af but he needs to work on his form on his jumpshot
Impractical Juniors:
Don't get me wrong--I'm a huge fan of the ball bros, but LaMelo's form is terrible
Jay Adams:
Jiminy crickets ๐Ÿ’€ he breakin ankles
John Kennedy:
0:51 who let that grandma out of the house
Luke Briney:
he can stay in the whole game cuz he doesn't have to try
My Nigga:
You Muther fuckers nver happy, The Nigga is hitting shots from half court - pulling up on niggas - Crossing niggas over and pulling up of the dribble, Has a full ride at UCLA and still wana find something wrong.. you guys are fucking funny.. You take your correct from shooting ass rite down to the YMCA you fucking retards
Nickolis MacCalla:
they pushing the half breeds hard. the half white half black klay Thompson an Larry nances
Ravi Amin:
Gonna go watch klay thompson shoot now because lemaelo's ugly ass jumper is fuckin up my own shot ahahah
Smalts Dasher:
Man I hate seeing these Julian Newman and lamelo ball guy
XxMR.WrestlemaniaxX 24:
I don't get how is he consistent with that jumpshot it just looks like he chucks it up, plus when he shoots the basketball has no back spin to it, like what's his secret?
XxSupah NarwahlXx:
his jumper makes me dead inside I'm serious I can't feel my pulse when I see it
maddox preece:
Like if lamelo is your favorite ball brother
Melo is the most skilled of the brothers, but the least athletic/strong. Hit the weights and grow taller, he could be great.

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LaMelo Ball at the league! Has grown to about 6'2" - 6'3" and is looking very dangerous early on this season. Definitly going to be at the top of the 2019 class and make Chino Hills a very strong candidate to repeat for the title this season.

Scroll down to read comments about his form and cherry picking!

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