Lonzo Ball OFFICIAL Senior Year Mixtape | #1 PG In the NATION!

>>BallerVisions 2>>Lonzo Ball OFFICIAL Senior Year Mixtape | #1 PG In the NATION!
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man as a laker fan, he lowkey makes me think lakers are gonna be a dynasty in the future.
Brady Aubuchon:
all they do is show him dunking
Chunk Yogurt:
Look at that flopper at 1:42. Back when I was in high school that flopping shit was looked down upon as it should be. These days with the biggest NBA stars like Lebron totally embracing it, it's become accepted. That's trash ball.
J Delgado:
scout report: can dunk with 2 hands
JellyFam Pete:
This tooooooo dammmmnnnn fireeeee
Kyle Mclaughlin:
Lakers could use this lonzo right about now! Where my Lakers fans at
Leon Scales:
I could see the Lakers drafting a guy like this
Michael Goss:
I honestly don’t see this guy making it to the pros
Raph 2K:
Call the police !!!! It's à murder !!
Rayshaun Lewis:
1:43-1:47 is my favorite and the most disrespectful part
SoShoota#ABitchMadeNigga Engineer:
Ugly ass windmill his uncoordinated ass
SuperRich tsm:
my Lonzo ball song to this beat is crazy!!thank you ballervision if it wasn't for you I would have never made one of my fav songs of all time Lonzo Ball. superrich_tsm my insta if you want to hear the song
is da vog:
his coach was my pe teacher. he was a total asshole.
kaaris og tmtc:
that's some superman shit right there
lee 37:
Lonzo actually got some hops his head is nearly at rim

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