Lonzo Ball OFFICIAL Senior Year Mixtape | #1 PG In the NATION!

>>BallerVisions 2>>Lonzo Ball OFFICIAL Senior Year Mixtape | #1 PG In the NATION!
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Azubike Odunze:
Zo has exceeded the hype...great player
Can someone tell me why lonzo can shoot 3s but not free throws?
Half of his mixtape is him finishing alleyoops, insane player but try not
to put in generic shit that half of the kids in the country can do.
Devin Truong:
did he push someone at 1:01 cuz it looks like it. im just saying
Eugene Bannister:
still one of the most fire mixtapes. Obviously he can ball but the beat is
Julian Butler:
So this is OSN's girlfriend.
Marian Ndongwe:
lmao look at the guy flop at 1:43
Marquise Brown:
bro he dunk like crazy on people bro 😂😂
Isn't his lil bro on the team too
Rhandeezy AE:
1:46 he stared that nigga lmao call him snake eyes
TKO Savage:
0:26 that's becoming my lock screen
Toni30 Ballers:
Lonzo with over 1 million hs views... Looking like Pres out here 😂
revealtruth revealtruth:
why did their dad teach them all that shitty shooting form ?
robert walsh:
The Ducks taught this kids a lesson at Knight Arena an dthey will be
teaching all the Ball brothers lesson for the nect few years. Boo a Bruin
while im going Ducks.

    Lonzo Ball OFFICIAL BallerVisions Senior Year Mixtape!

CIF Southern Section Open Division Player of The YEAR
Naismith High School Player Of the YEAR
Gatorade California Player of the YEAR
John R. Wooden Player of the YEAR
Morgan Wooten Player of the YEAR
McDonald's All-American
Averaged a TRIPLE DOUBLE (25.4 PPG, 12.9 APG, 11.5 RPG)
ESPN #1 PG In The Nation
UCLA Bound

Not much else to be said about Lonzo that hasn't already been said. Humble killer on the court. Incredible year being able to follow him and Chino Hills! Look forward to seeing what he can do at UCLA and how Chino Hills will be without him next year!!

Beat is ZEUS by Superstaar Beats

Shoutout Bryce Lanning of Elite Mixtapes for letting us use the well known crossover help up clip!!

Lots more to come from the Chino Hills squad. Subscribe and stay tuned!

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