Lonzo Ball OFFICIAL Senior Year Mixtape | #1 PG In the NATION!

>>BallerVisions 2>>Lonzo Ball OFFICIAL Senior Year Mixtape | #1 PG In the NATION!
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man as a laker fan, he lowkey makes me think lakers are gonna be a dynasty in the future.
Chombi 02:
If only he was this aggressive in the NBA
Dakota Sumor:
Aaaaaaaaaaannnnndddd he's a bust
Clip of him waiting for his name to be called on the bench, IS TOUGH!!!!
JellyFam Pete:
This tooooooo dammmmnnnn fireeeee
Jett Fischer:
Lozo the type of guy to be drafted top 3 amd shoot 32% fg (estimation)
Luke Gavin:
before the fame when it was simple
Michael Goss:
I honestly don’t see this guy making it to the pros
Orokana Hito:
This guy won't make it in the nba
SoShoota#ABitchMadeNigga Engineer:
Ugly ass windmill his uncoordinated ass
The Fashion Geek:
He looks like a πŸ‘‘King on 0: 26
is da vog:
his coach was my pe teacher. he was a total asshole.
kaaris og tmtc:
that's some superman shit right there
matt lara:
lonzo gotta stop laying it UP AND DUNK IT LIKE THIS

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