Little Big Town - Pontoon

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Aleisa DeMichael:
Ready for Daytona Beach Florida..... Waldoboro Me is a joke folks
Chris Rubesh:
These are my these are my most favorite things
Darlene Aldrich:
This Song ,Pootoon Is Sung By Big Town ,They All Have Great Voices
Derrick Bowen:
This is kelssie Bowen when I was 6 me and my dad and my brother went mud bogging in are big red truck. And now that I'm 10 years old, I listen to it all the time
Hazel W:
Love the song ,little big town ,you are an awesome group.
Isabel Dillon:
Honestly, I think they still look the same in 2018. That is 2012 people.
Jeannette Washa:
The women don't slide down into the water they want to stay with make-up on and act like they are making a video. So phony! Get your hair wet and enjoy yourself!
Jeremy McGuire:
Lovers of Christ ⛪ DIC has power 🔌 world none praise God
Not really a big country music listener, but this song is lit! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Susan Baltzley:
Love the song Pantoon and Girl Crush
Toby McCreadie:
Oh,how I long for summer today!
bill lyons:
don't care for that kinda music, but that blondes nice, like to tie her up take her out to the desert, have my way, and then properly dispose, kidding
My fiance used to think this said, "Back this bitch up in to the water." HA! I miss him, rip boo!!
michael morris:
my?is why the hell would she wear a long sleeve jacket in the hot ass weather lol
super toune j'adore...elle nous emmene l'été..yessssssssssss

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