Dabo Swinney: Clemson over Alabama was not an upset

>>The State Newspaper>>Dabo Swinney: Clemson over Alabama was not an upset
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Chief 91:
someone will do it to them next year. Dabo will have a fit. Illegal big 12 officials sorry piece of shits. we. cut the db and got away with it. I can't wait to see who does it next year and see if it's called. The NCAA backing it just like they did in the Notre Dame, Florida State game.
E.E. Chenoweth:
Clemson needs to do everything they can to hold on to this man. Dabo is a phenomenal coach and an even better person. He is in my opinion the best coach not named Nick Saban alive today. After losing that game last night I felt like total shit, until seeing Dabo crying after the game. You better treat that man right, because when Saban retires you already know Momma's gonna call.
Golden Boy:
Dabo Swinney, what a classy coach. Congrats to Clemson they deserved it.
John Nikolo:
congrats.to clemson.hung in never say die , karma has a way to bite back, alabama players tried to set the tone with a lot dirty head shots but tigers took it and prevailed nat. champs
Prodigy Jay:
What if lane kiffin was still the full time OC and Scarborough never got hurt Clemson would be no more lol
Urban 'Heart Attack' Meyer:
Had the refs not looked the other way during our illegal pick plays, I would have been crying this year too.

- Dabo
Zack Jalamani:
Dabo Swinney is a hypocrite low-life. He tells his thug homosexual players on defense to grab asses of opposing team players deliberately, after end of plays!!! Yet he claims to be a 'good Christian"! That is a criminal mind doing criminal things.
less hate:
Psychologically, Alabama "had it won". Clemson was on a mission to prove EVERYONE wrong..obviously not "chopped liver"

    'The only upset is going to be if we don't win the dad gum game.'