Bruno Mars - 24K Magic [Official Video]

>>Bruno Mars>>Bruno Mars - 24K Magic [Official Video]
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Carlos Montijo:
1 billion views and counting.
Don't look to hard you might hurt yourself 😎
Charlene Kaprolet:
Damn. Much talent & looks. He is the same in concert.
Dtlassiter Lassiter:
A billion views dam the highest views every saw
Edwin wambua:
still listening to this?? anyone 2018 ??
El Mundo De Makoto:
Ese autotune del inicio fue espectacular :v
Mamata Rai:
Who is after 1 billion ?😀😀
Not Human:
it gets bored after repeating it so many times
still dont get the long term hype bout this
Patricia Thomas:
Bad Bitchie$& and yo' ugly azz friends!
Paul Smith:
He kind of reminds me of James Brown in 2018
Richard Carter:
Im dangerous lady with some 💰 in my pocket 💰
Tiffany Jackson:
Daaaaaamnnn 😍😍😍 could literally watch him dance and listen to him sing all day
j mansv:
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liam kabir:
I wonder what mozart would think of this
Who's listening to this in 1918?
wait... doesn't the water show infront of the bellagio use recycled water....

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