Keith Urban Falling Apart on Kelly Clarkson's Emotional Performance On Idol

>>The Gentleman Cave>>Keith Urban Falling Apart on Kelly Clarkson's Emotional Performance On Idol
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jennifer lopes,Keith Urban Falling A Part on Kelly Clarkson's Emotional Performance On Idol,keith urban,kelly clarkson

Ajay Bal:
Falling apart? Dude chill he's CRYING. Respect the man for having a heart.
Carl Jackson:
I Never Seen Keith Urban Cry Like Ever.. This Is Strong And Emotional Song Ever!
Holy fuck she's gotten fat as shit! I had no idea....Jesus Christ what was she thinking
Football fan:
...m a father now....I will put her first...I'll never walk away..will never break her heart...will do everything..will always love her...
Jim Topsecret:
at the end you had to put those worthless people with their freaking ads and insult Kelly Clarkson...bunch of SOB'S
Kendal R:
my father at 10 my brother at 21
Lewis Smith:
Its a good thing that American Idol reinforced the stage for her FAT ASS!  She has more "chins" than a Chinese phone book!!!  "The Heartbeat Song" my ASS, she should have called it "The Hamburger Song" because she ate that Mo Fo ALL 5 Years Strong!  And the continuous "comments" for her FAT SELF after her performance..."oh I'm pregnant"
Machelle Taylor:
This is great I love this emotional stuff it's more like reality!!!!!
Real life...
Potoo the Kakapo that's actually a Potoo:
With so many songs about how parents don't understand or care, this is refreshing! Go Kelly!!!
The Gentleman Cave:
Thank You Guys to make this Video More than 10million Views.. I knew each of us related to this Song no matter how hard its i believe on each of us has a lot of power inside to make our life much better and do better, give better to the one we love right now.. Love you guys Stay strong...
I am a father who screwed it all up. I cry for the daughters who also suffered this.
Now I work to earn their respect and hope maybe some day even a little love.
This song really hurts from the other side.
alton carter:
Holy mackeral , that was one of the best things I have ever seen ! Kelly crushed it ! You vvant to see a real man , just take a look at Keith . There he is !
Give me a break, is Keith Urban kidding?
Wow! I grew up in a broken home but not like this! Makes me cry!!
marvin williams:
piece by piece Kelly drew me deep in thoughts with this song, smh, well done mis clarkeson

    Keith Urban Falling APart on Kelly Clarkson's Emotional Performance On Idol