Keith Urban Falling Apart on Kelly Clarkson's Emotional Performance On Idol

>>The Gentleman Cave>>Keith Urban Falling Apart on Kelly Clarkson's Emotional Performance On Idol
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keith urban,kelly clarkson,jennifer lopes,Keith Urban Falling A Part on Kelly Clarkson's Emotional Performance On Idol

Carrie Hamilton:
Evidently we had the same Father.
Cindy Letourneau:
I Absolutely Love this Song! It Always Touches my HEART and Soul,Kelly Clarkson is an awesome Singer Love Her Music!*****💕😘
This inspired me to write a couple songs about a similar story. Thanks, Kelli Clarkson! ^_^

Some covers on my channel btw :)
I Q:
Cried hard when she sang...completely lost it when Keith broke down.
Ken Pataky:
She's sadly getting bigger and bigger...
Kirsten Rosniak:
many kids out there, both young and grown, can relate to this song so much.
fathers, care for your children, you'll never know the holes that are burned in children who are abandoned by their parents.
Linkn 216:
Holy crap!! She just called out out every man who has ever walked out on their children while simultaneously applauding the ones who have earned the title of "dad". This is for all the "dads".
Priya M.B.:
My first time seeing this. Wow! I just love her💖 Well done 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Shawn Blanton:
Not only is Keith crying, but everyone else. Chalk another to that list!😭😭😭
I have been looking for this song for 10 months now. SMH as a Veteran I understand, but it doesn't make it easier. After deploying a few times I get it lol boy do I get it. 10 months ago my Husband left for a flight for one year to serve overseas, and no shit this song that I heard for the first time played. My Husband is a wonderful Husband, and so are his baby boys (6 and 8 now) he walked away because he had to. Some walk away when they don't have to and some walk away because they do. Either way this song speaks to both.

My biological father was never there for me, no matter how many times, I've called him and texted him. In my mind, I felt like, he knew and saw that I was calling yo him and he turned the other way, because I was probably not worth the time. I turned 19, when I realized that he didn't want to be apart of my life, as much as I thought, I wanted him to be there. I was four years old, when my stepdad came into my life, bringing me dolls and giving me things I needed. A father. A brother. A best friend. A counselor. That man taught me more than life itself, than the man that was suppose to be my damn father. When I heard this song, hearing *a father should stay* I broke down, bawling, asking my mom what I did wrong... why didn't he love me... was I not worth it? ... who came running to my aid? *my stepdad*. I realized then and there... despite not being with my mom anymore, he's there, he puts me first. this song is so beautiful, I can hear it over and over, realizing how amazing my dad is. *thanks, papa.*
Van Garnett:
This is why music was given to us.
Waad Shraidah Baysn:
this song striked me right in the heart unbelievable voice that can spread beauty and worth.
polly snow:
:'( back when I was 8 and my brother was 6 our father walked out on us we never heard from him and we didn't know where he was everyone in my family wanted to give up on him except for me because they kept saying that they would hurt him if he ever came back because he left us during the time I was growing up my only wish was to have him back and then 11 years later my cousin that I never :) knew I had sent me a message saying that they never stopped trying to find us and so that night my father contacted me saying that he wanted to talk to me we been talking ever since one day I told him and my cousin about my wish my cousin said that God finally answered my wish and when I told my dad about he started crying :) I told him that I was sorry for making him cry but he said that it was OK because it was happy tears and then I told him that I was so happy because I had him back in my life and that I don't have the father daughter bond I always wanted but I didn't care because all I ever wanted was to have him back in are life and now I do

    Keith Urban Falling APart on Kelly Clarkson's Emotional Performance On Idol