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carpool karaoke,james corden,the late late show,one direction

Andra Bond:
Am I the only one who saw the red flash on his phone camera at around 0:04
Ashley Nieves:
Who else replayed harrys part hitting that high note😍😭
C. Wood:
I really want to see Coldplay in concert
Cat 77:
People will watch ANYTHING!!!! turned off at 2mins!!! Load of pretentious talentless frauds made famous by numptys
Catherine Pagonis:
James is the best.. He truly is one of the kind!! For a man.. Because Elen is my (lesbian) favourite 🚺
And James 👌
Corrie- Onagoodday:
Poor thing I think he would rather be a singer. He has to settle with being the funniest guy ever. Oh well LOL
Elliot Boi:
why does chris look like josh dun when he wore the hat and sunglasses?
Ronja. K:
I am from Sweden so when i heard the first Word i was like: Wtf is this for language!
Sandra Cobban:
James is so full of joy smiles & laughs .i could watch him all day.we need more ppl like him on this planet.
Not just celebs either.
Positivity wins
The Person:
He’s such a cinnemon roll sometimes.

A suprisingly okay at rapping cinnemon roll.
Yasmin McEwen:
This is just the BEST! Chris Martin singing is pure joy :) Love them all really ❤❤❤
asma farissi:
i love when jmes said fu*k you so much for watching
James Corden not clever not funny
ida flicka:
my fav is chris martin 😘😘
All singer is perfect good!!! But best of singer is Jamed😹

    Hope you enjoyed it. :)

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