Shareef O'Neal Official Ballislife Mixtape! Shaq's Son Is The Real Deal!

>>BallislifeWest>>Shareef O'Neal Official Ballislife Mixtape! Shaq's Son Is The Real Deal!
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Shaq did good his kid looks like a good prospect
Anton Riley:
he does what his daddy couldn't. Shoot.
Arthur Williams:
please believe me he can dunk an when he get that killer instinct he's going to be great better the competition better he'll play
the crazy part he still young and got a lot of time to develope and he still small so just imagine what he could be
Reminds me of Harrison Barnes at the same age
Isaiah Patterson:
He plays like Chris bosh and tmac. To me he'll be picked top 10.
Jay j Carrillo:
the other team had nothing tho !
Lakers Blockchain:
Feel the love - 2deep beat !! 🔥🔥🔥
Lou Monks:
He's trained with Kobe since 13 and it shows! Beast
Mark Parbo:
can he shoot from the foul line??
LaMelo. Z-Will. Shareef. Bol
2019 Class is LOADED.
Zak Taylor:
Will back out of his verbal to UCLA. Will join Penny at Memphis...
What a stupid background song: Ron Artest, I can feel, I can feel ...
bro, u might be shaq's son, but i gotta ask u: where DA FUQ did u learn how to shoot!?!?
Listen to your daddy, Shareef...go to Kentucky.

    Shareef O'Neal had a very productive summer on the Nike AAU circuit playing with California Supreme's 16U squad. Perhaps best known as Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal's son, young Shareef has firmly established himself as one of the
premier high school wings in the nation (in the class of 2018). Notice his shooting, passing and shot blocking.
Now considered a 5-star recruit, the fundamentally sound 16 year old, 6’9 wing from Crossroads School is currently ranked 18th in the ESPN 60, 23rd (Scout), 16th (247) and 27th (Rivals) overall in the Class of 2018. O'Neal has been rapidly climbing up the rankings.
Shareef's college offers include UCLA, Georgetown, LSU, Cal, Arizona, USC, Baylor.
Check out these highlights from Shareef O'Neal's summer playing with California Supreme 16U on the NIKE circuit between his sophomore and junior years of high school as well as from Nike Elite 100 Camp.
Ballislife will continue following Shareef O'Neal's journey through high school.
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