Gabriel Iglesias Aloha Fluffy Part 2 2013 HDTV XviD AFG

>>Iyan Russell>>Gabriel Iglesias Aloha Fluffy Part 2 2013 HDTV XviD AFG
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heres a sub man cant wait to see more
Destiny Lesh:
he is so funny😂😂 I can't stop laughing at his jokes
man bot all white people are built there my people ome from germany and
K Blue:
He is soooooooooooooooooo ffuunnnyyuy
Kethry Crane:
"He has a tiger, zebras, monkeys and snakes. That makes me Kunfu Panda!!"
Leslie Serrato:
👌👌👌 nice videos✌👍👍
Gabriel still has to audition, I don't even have to do that anymore, the
guy's a gem, give him every role you can people!
Raymond David:
thank you and keep up the good work
Silhouette 305:
That magic mike story is gold hahahahaha
Spooky “D” Ridge:
"i had no idea i was performing for assasins creed" i lost my shit xD
Taylor Yeager:
I liked this video but I didn't really appreciate Fluffy pretending to slit
his wrists and throats.... like seriously, c'mon.
brian massey:
I love FluffyMania!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I need to check out with my own Fluffy???
I want to take one of him home with me. PLEASE! LOL!
grizzly bear:
"fluffy's killing kishies!"
I lost my shit XD
If George Lopez can call himself "America's Mexican", then people can call
Gabriel Iglesias "The World's Mexican".
He sounds like he has a flu here :/