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Brandon Hill:
That's the dude from the show dallas
Trying to decide if I should leave him for the new guy, or be loyal and stay 😞❤
Cory Wilcox:
it is what it is! never meant to be if they leave.
Destiny Gaming:
That's what that bitch gets for leaving him now she realizes the mistake she made iv been single for 4 years because I dated a girl for 5 years then asked her to marry me only to find out a few months later that she was secretly cheating on me with her best friend and lied to me about it so she said it was my fault when I didn't do anything wrong I spent time with her was always there when she was sick to help her feel better and I would never leave her side until she was feeling better. I was always listening to what she had to say and help her the best I could and be there whenever she needed me the most I would even cook for me and her if she asked for time to herself or she needed some space then I would respect her wishes and let her have the space she needs. So you tell me did I do anything wrong or was it all her
Emily Harris:
this is the way i feel right now..i just wish he would come back...i love him so much!😭😭
Evan Thomas:
The original Black Stone Cherry version should have twice the views as this.
Yeah ik I'm young buh this song gets to me every dang time and it's over a 6th grader that acted like he cared for a 8th grader(me) he puts me thru hell and I just don't understand how a 6th grader is gonna control a 8th grader like me buh he was the only one that sent me paragraphs saying he cared buh it was all a lie
Jason Thornsberry:
flageorgialinevevo I like your vetoi
Lisa Baxter:
I love Florida Georgia Line!! Tyler you are so hot!! Your voice is just as hot!!! I love you
Michael Rohde:
hey Florida Georgia line my brother is a big fan of your music
Richard Dinkins:
my girlfriend is mad at me because I have a another one of a girl who likes me still
blondie hornsby:
yeah this pic is my wife of 18yrs wish thing was diff but she cheated more times than I can count
cristina cox:
i didn't hear from him for 3 months but i loved him every day just as much. i listened to this song everyday and still do sometimes. i wasnt myself without him and felt miserable. Now we are almost at our 2 year mark and doing good.
eyzah 2551991:
i love song florida georgia hlep....?
john barnitt:
Your the best band that I love. I don't think you should ever stop.

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