Gus Malzahn speaks to the media following hard fought loss to Clemson

>>Auburn Tigers on>>Gus Malzahn speaks to the media following hard fought loss to Clemson
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3V Videos - Bay Area:
If your play book is so complicated how about you just scrap it and go with 1 QB and go for nickel carries and allow the QB the option to run if the pocket are over complicating the game...Didn't you LEARN ANY THING FROM LAST YEAR? You should understand when AUBURN folks start to agree with the BAMA folks = SUPER HOT SEAT 4 YOU. Get it together on the next game and news flash: JJ - is NOT EFFECTIVE. JF3 looked promising...if he goes down put in Woody....and just simplify your play book...Their defense could read everything you threw at them at any rate...
Chaz A.:
Gus is a blithering idiot who belongs on a bus out of town. After a stellar performance on defense, any competent offensive coach cold have won this game. He's so caught up in being "the great offensive genius" that he doesn't keep track of what's happening on the field. For God's sake, fire him and get a sane person in the job.
Daniel Allen:
No team, including Auburn has ever had success using multiple qb's. Gus should know this. If he pulls this crap again he needs to be gone. One of the worst seasons Auburn had was using multiple qb's. Auburns offence was a joke.
Dwight Cox:
Just bench Jeremy Johnson!!We will be fine!! War Eagle!!!
Emily Brooks:
Every tin I think about this game and how it was coached I get so pissed off.
Gene Paulk:
You don't have a QB that is why you are playing all three players !!! Just face it your team is not that good again !!!
Greg Bethune:
If you have '3' quarterbacks you have 'NONE'!!!
Look Gus. If you do see this. I'm
Not here to patronize you about your coaching because you got us to the National Championship and in the top 25 in your first two years. But please. Kick field goals in the red zone. If it's not 4th & Goal KICK THE BALL! We have a good kicker. JF3 kept the ball moving, made 0 turn overs, and have good tempo like Cam and Marshal so please use him more and not that switching 3 QB in stuff. And finally please don't do trick plays in 3rd & Short plays. Do a inside run with rather your HB or QB (JJ/JF3). We have a good team to lose to the #2 team in the nation but still lose by 6 points (Probably would have won if you didn't call some plays you did) even with all the confusion. Now I expect all the other games to be perfect. Please In Gus don't do is wrong. #InGusWeTrust
Reminds me of the Will Ferrell interview where he had the parrot on his shoulder and told Conan he didn't want to talk about it.
Ole Drippy:
Auburn should fire Malzahn. The players are great. The decisions were terrible.
Swamp Kat:
Yep, true meaning of Monday morning QB. Would u b complaining if they won?
Tasia Maclen:
the D did well but guz need to be fired fired fired fired
Tunnel69 Productions:
Jeremy isn't good at anything. JF3 and Sean maybe, but no Jeremy please!
Vi ctor Byars:
Gus, didn't #33 do great ? He &White on same page use it dummy for 5 yds. when you gotta have it !!!
I wonder if he thinks letting Lashley, burns, and himself rotating play calling drive to drive / play to play would make sense????!!!!

    Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn spoke to the media following the Tigers' hard fought 19-13 loss to No. 2 ranked Clemson. Malzahn discussed his decision to play three quarterbacks, and also praised Kevin Steele's defense for holding Heisman hopeful Deshaun Watson and the Clemson offense to just 19 points.

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