Little Big Town - Better Man (Live from the CMA Awards)

>>CMAVEVO>>Little Big Town - Better Man (Live from the CMA Awards)
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Cake Lady:
I wonder how Taylor felt when she watched them sing it.
Christine C:
Hard to believe those two woman are almost 50 yo. They are so beautiful.
Deke Sanders:
Another MEGAHIT for LBT! LOVE that Taylor Swift wrote it!
Den Boe:
Visually stunning presentation here. THey always perform so well at these shows. Great group, great song, great video. I noticed the sun set as they finished the tune.
Hank Acuff:
great song. I wake up to this every day from the alarm clock radio. It's like Groundhog Day.
Heather Stover:
makes you look back on your life
Lianalei Sagiao:
I've been a fan of Little Big Town ever since there song "In the Boondocks" back in 2007 when I heard it. They have AMAZING voices and there all so HUMBLE and down to earth. They just keep getting better and better every single year. This song is my new obsession from them...I was still obsessing over "Girl Crush" until I heard "Better Man"!!! I LOVE YOU " LITTLE BIG TOWN" and I'm a fan for life!!!
Mestiza Memer:
I know why we had to say goodbye like the back of my hand 😢
Mike Hansen:
They need a couple horses on stage with them. Great song.
Robert Scott:
Baby I am trying to be a better man! love you so much beautiful
Steven Wareaglemaniac:
This song hits so close to how my heart feels. I was married to whom I considered the love of my life. We met thru a tragic accident I had and turned it into something beautiful. We were lost in love and no one else existed. We started having kids and after 3 we stopped and then without warning it ended and now I am heartbroken and having to work 60 hours a week just to make ends meet after paying her child support for our 3 kids. She moved on and is married again as if I never existed. The pain from this is utter agony.....
Tyler V.G.:
This is my favorite song by them behind Girl Crush.
angela blair-jones:
glad they did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I could play the piano or drums in the background
john creech:
djidcikdodpbb[[erikolgk bull shit she can sing way better than this garabage

    Music video by Little Big Town performing Better Man (Live from the CMA Awards).