Little Big Town - Better Man (Live from the CMA Awards)

>>CMAVEVO>>Little Big Town - Better Man (Live from the CMA Awards)
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Babu Straight Up:
hey very disappointed that they did that nasty ass taylor song wow
Cake Lady:
I wonder how Taylor felt when she watched them sing it.
Cheryl P:
I think this song was about Calvin... just a feeling, but I could be wrong.
Love the song and LBT harmonies.
Den Boe:
Visually stunning presentation here. THey always perform so well at these
shows. Great group, great song, great video. I noticed the sun set as they
finished the tune.
Emily Vile:
Really great song I really like it
Joyce Nesselhauf:
This song give me major goosebumps every time I hear it. Brings back
memories of someone in my life long ago........
Kara Marie:
Not a great voice at all. So many stronger female voices out there.
Karen Olson:
words to this song say everything 💔
Too bad Taylor babies, this girl can actually SING!!!!
Marceline Breaux:
I know why we had to say goodbye like the back of my hand 😢
Karen Fairchild is amazing! Jimi is a truly lucky man!
Richard Blevins:
Man, read the lyrics. That is a f'ing great song.
Are they singing 4 or only 3 part harmony? It almost sounds like the guys
are singing the same. Anyone?
kevin Z:
they don't sound too great imo, better studio then live
this hits me right in the gut. as i am about to lose my wife and it is all
my fault.

    Music video by Little Big Town performing Better Man (Live from the CMA Awards).