Keith Urban - Blue Ain't Your Color

>>KeithUrbanVEVO>>Keith Urban - Blue Ain't Your Color
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Beth Biddison:
I love your song very much till your family I love every single song that you said like it I sold thank you cuz I love country music

Ian You country music is so cool cuz it's a basic
Daniel Ivey:
I'm black and I love this song Smh.
Dillan Oliver:
Tim Pitts I agree with you and is this girl at the top speaking spanish
Harley Hinojoza:
Foggy most roar frozen l e most most roar frozen l 3 Harley ź😗😙☀
Jason Bennett:
Good song. But doesn't sound like country.
Jay Valdez:
I hate country but this song is fire
Life is a journey Redskals:
He Rocks this song❤️❤️👍🏻
Marty P:
The song is so good but yet so sad!!
Maya Warren:
Love this song!! Handsome Keith Urban is so amazing
Mike Sibert:
Keith Urban's --- Blue Ain't Your Color==is by far a song that should receive many awards again and again==
Prinxess Fijii:
Idk , how I got here but I think I'll just chill right her for a min 😍
Sallie Thomas:
Love all of Keith Urban's songs.😍. Play more!
acoustic blue-stick:
this melody is pretty nice, but its hard to get to past the fact that hes trying to get into this chick and acting like he isnt. shes got a man bro lol stop acting like you aint trying to hit that you smooth voiced disingenuous bastard hahahaha
bonnie clement:
my new fav! I don't know how I missed ever hearing this before.
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Music video by Keith Urban performing Blue Ain't Your Color. (C) 2016 Capitol Records Nashville