George Karl surprised by push back on new book | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)

>>The Herd with Colin Cowherd>>George Karl surprised by push back on new book | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)
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Adolf Epirus:
NBA and USA team is the Exhibition of doping,sponsors and multinationals...but who cares.Steroids etc don't shoot triples. Or others say "prove it,give me a link" etc. we know that there is a conspiracy to not pass controls the jewSA. if anabolics etc don't shoot,why don't accept the equal basis controls??? one day this common "secret" will be revealed...
I can sense George knew he was suppose to be that father figure that mentor like guide to some of those players but he either didn't want to be or couldn't be, and it seems like he's reflecting on that a bit. If you say a young man need a daddy need a father figure why don't you try to help that young man, anyway I think George is a good man we all have our faults.
Chris Gainey:
George gtfoh..nicca u said " looking at sum of these players n their late 30s get leaner n better shape n continue to play at a high level ur convinced that these dudes r using PEDs..nicca u know exactly the players ur referring to
Read the book, was very good and I agree with a lot of what he said about the league and how it operates. Also, the players he talks about are spot on. We live in a very PC/snowflake culture and most people can't handle it.
Karl does not look well. Is he ill or something? I gotta pray for someone like him. Yes what he said was wrong. I'm not defending him on that but this man looks like he's going through something deeper than a new book.
Jay mal:
"im telling my truth maybe not the truth of the situation"
KungFu Chicken:
give him a break its not like his telling lies or nothing
Nick Tovey:
Still remember 96 final. He's getting old. Something wrong with his eye. And cancer as well. But at his age, he has nothing to worry. I will read his book. At least I know he's honest to himself. His book has some truth in it.
Robert Bonilla:
What it have been a deal if the players he talked about were white?
Ross Boss:
People should give Karl a break.we as fans want the truth,want the inside scoop but then when someone tells their truth we have a big problem with the guy.But never trust someone with 2 first names.
The Herd with Colin Cowherd:
Did you agree with criticism of Karl's comments in the book?
LeBron James comes to mind but even if he's taking something is still insane that he never even rolls his ankle,pulls a muscle etc...nothing ever happens to him.
monica arends:
Karl says Dean Smith was a father figure and cared for most if not all of the Carolina players.

How many NBA players did Karl mentor and care for like a father figure to the players?
Colin cowerd is the ultimate white guy
slick flair:
this dude is a straight snake🤔 I can tell players definitely didn't like even being around him let alone be coached by him

    George Karl joins Colin to talk about his new book and the push back some of his comments have received.
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George Karl surprised by push back on new book | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)

The Herd with Colin Cowherd: