Michael Porter Jr & Jontay Porter CAN'T BE STOPPED! NH's BIG 3 First Two Games Highlights!

>>Ballislife>>Michael Porter Jr & Jontay Porter CAN'T BE STOPPED! NH's BIG 3 First Two Games Highlights!
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Family 4 God:
both going back to CoMo. sucks to be washington lol
J Joseph:
PJ Fuller is a freak....he'll be the best of them all.
pj gonna be something y’all just wait
Kevin Lee:
thats not a standardized basket.
lightskined niggas taking over lol
Nightmare Nightmare:
all these damn half breeds for god sakes where the full black niggas
Roman Sheoships:
Porter Bros actually play both sides of the court unlike the Ball Bros
That other team was so damn small
T. Shelton:
PJ Fuller gonna be a problem. Respect ✊🏾
germon ottbridge:
the team they're playing ain't shit
Good things happen when Brandon Roy is your coach
marcus holtzheimer:
This team would baby chino hills
Bishop Monty 2016-2017 > Nathan Hale ( Super Team )
Bishop Monty > Chino Hills > Mater Dei twice > Sierra Canyon.
teddy bruckshot:
hey how tall is michael porter jr.. he looks about 6'7 am i correct ?
xia xu:
Can't wait till I can start using Porter's shooting from in 2k.

    Here are highlights of the #1 team in the nation, Nathan Hale, in their first two home games of the season. Featuring the #1 player in 2017, Michael Porter Jr, his brother and one of the top players in 2018, Jontay Porter and one of the top players in 2019, PJ Fuller.