First Take - Stephen A Smith debates Tim Tebow on Alabama vs Clemson

>>denniedoll>>First Take - Stephen A Smith debates Tim Tebow on Alabama vs Clemson
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can't w8 2 c Tebow n Spring Training.
Antwan Kinchen:
Molly needs to shut her face, she always has some slick and stupid things
to say enough is enough
Bamas defense did get tired...and they won it in the fourth...right on
Yeah, good pick rollin' with the Tide, Stephen'd that work out for
Emily Stornetta:
Say what you want, but Tebow called the game to a "T" at the end of the
Hector Rodriguez:
Tim Tebow MOVE ON! No NFL Team is going to pick you up. Go back to TV like
the SEC Network or Run for Senator or Governor Of Florida.
King Philip:
Tebow was ALMOST right about how the game ended.. except the ball wasn't
intercepted and Clemson won lol
Mal Johnson:
tebow was right about how the game would end...but there was no look
interception.. just a game winning touchdown baby hahaha
Matthew Milantoni:
Tebow absolutely nailed this analysis. Pretty much predicted the future.
Tire out the d, Mike Williams down field, pace in the 4th
Profit Duck:
Tebow is better than so many actual analysts lmao
Rob Roy:
4 nfl teams or not...tebow got screwed in the nfl.....he IS better than the
back ups that have jobs
Roberto Vargas:
Steven A Picked Hillary, The Tide, And now the Packers...
STFU foo! Crocket and Tubbs Jack wagons with Sun glasses....
he's a good analyst, keeps audience engage and entertain.

Darn Tim I wish your prediction was right

    ESPN First Take Today - Who wins National Championship between Alabama and Clemson