Hear what Jalen Hurts has to say after loss to Clemson 35-31

>>Alabama Crimson Tide on AL.com>>Hear what Jalen Hurts has to say after loss to Clemson 35-31
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14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left:
''''plain and simple we choked with 1 second left in the season''''

...........-Jalen Hurts
I'm not an Alabama fan but I am so impressed with this kid and his composure. I wish him success in his career.
Blaine Townsend:
he will be back next year believe that ROLLTIDE BABY!!!!!!!
CandyLover500 islit:
I love you Jalen Hurts you're the man! That whole season you barely looked like a true freshman quarterback you have the heart of a champion! As an Alabama fan I'm glad you're on our team we're going to be special with you and believe that! #JalenHurtsIsTheManOfTheHour
Guadalupe Serna:
Go Noles I respect Hurts but Deandre Francois is better!
Junior Owens:
Jalen is a hippy lol So calm, cool, easy going.
Kaylen Griffin:
better watch out for jalen 2017
Marcus Hardeman:
2017-2018 ...man there is going to be hell to pay for those playing against these guys
Mark Music:
I watched the Spring game and he still sucks. Can't read a defense to save his life
You're NOT going to beat the good teams by just running.
Worst QB ever to play in a NC game. Good news Bama has a freshman that can throw....
Nikolas Carley:
Night they lose the championship. Jalen Hurts - "My sophomore season starts tomorrow."
Jalen is going to be big
Paul Casey:
I truly know what he's feeling right now and it fucking hurts💯😥
Listen I AM Bama's BIGGEST FAN ...BUT I DON'T Like Jalen Hurts, he plays like he is just going thru the motions, NO Passion or Sense of URGENCY .. And he RUNS as slow as a Ding Dang Turtle, besides the fact that he QB Instincts just Are NOT There!! He needs to get WAY WAY Better for us to win another Championship...Joe Namath he is NOT!!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!
Pure Liberal Warrior:
Tough loss. Life is hard. Hang in there, baby. A GREAT season, overall!
dat vlogger:
auburn will stop them trust me jarred stidham is better
Scott Cochran in the background. Very distinct voice lol. Jalen is a class act though. Hard worker and very focused.

    Jalen Hurts addressed members of the media after the 35-31 loss to Clemson in the College Football National Championship in Tampa on Monday.