"Payphone" by Maroon 5, cover by CIMORELLI!

>>Cimorelli>>"Payphone" by Maroon 5, cover by CIMORELLI!
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Ana Isabella:
Wooooww how I miss these videos
Ava Cathurricane:
Personally I think Lauren’s voice is the best.
Cas Garcia-Huerta:
dani’s wearing amy’s shirt aww
Crystal Carper:
Ella Tomazincic:
This was the first one I have ever seen
Geraldo Eleazar:
How funny.. if you're a true fans of cimorelli... No more "Lisa and Lauren is the best" "lisa is the best" "Dani can't Sing" they're all talented and also if you're true fans of them you should love them all... Bcs they're not a solo artist!
What if it was Laurel and Yanni instead of Lauren and Danny? 🤔
Lana Aladhami:
Lauren is the best my opinion but she’s so good
Lily Case:
wow dani is literally 12 she looks so much older. compare her to what lauren looked like at her age
Luci Ragland:
First time watching and I'm already your biggest fan y'all are amazing y'all should have a record deal unless you already do if you do I want your album
Not sure if anyone’s commented this yet but

Let’s all wear necklaces and not tell Dani
I think you did this in a higher key than Maroon 5 did -- I had a harder time hitting the high notes in your version, but I did it! (I'm a baritone by nature, but I have a very high falsetto.)
Zainab Nakz:
I would love to have Lisa's voice I love her voice and her❤️but I think there really religious so they change the words to make it appropriate and also dani is young so I would understand why they would change it aswell
frances gb:
I remember this was the time i hated dani bc i am so confused why the hell is she so tall and we're just the same age
Remember when Lisa had that long hair? 😍

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Hope you enjoy our cover of Payphone by Maroon 5! We love this song and we hope you like it too :D

We filmed this in our friend's house, in case anyone is wondering. We didn't move! Haha




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Thank you all SO much for the amazing support! We wouldn't be here without you!! THANK YOU :)))

- C I M O R E L L I :)