"Payphone" by Maroon 5, cover by CIMORELLI!

>>Cimorelli>>"Payphone" by Maroon 5, cover by CIMORELLI!
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Alexia Anne Bilog:
Who's watching all Cimorellis videos this October 2017? 😂
Alicia Garner:
If Adam Lavigne wasn't Adam Lavigne then this would be my fav vision of this song BUT... Adam Lavigne is Adam Lavigne sooo Y'ALL GET 2ND PLACE!!! 😂😍😙
Ashley Do:
Do you want me to unplug your thing and turn off your computer and machine
Autumn Giannette:
Still Love this cover as well as all the other Cimorelli covers
Charity Guest:
Sing roka-bye sorry for my bad spelling
Esther Philipps:
Who's watching this when they're sad even though it's 2017
Fifth Mix:
this was the first cover i ever saw from them. i was obsessed with maroon 5‘s payphone in 2012 and i‘m so glad i found cimorelli‘s cover. i spent the whole summer 2012 in front of my computer watching their covers😂❤️
Gymnast Abrego:
Danny’s 11 well now she’s 16
Jack Ridge:
Bless the Lord and the Angles !!! I love this song and the cover!!! I think the Angles are singing!!!!!!!!!! They are amazing !!!!! They harmozie amazingly !!!!!!!
ps. I love CIMORELLI !!!!!!!!!!! :-P:-D:-D:-DO:-)^_^(^^);-):-);-)=-O:-D
Lynna Rose:
I just missing those years wo all teenies are normal and not speaking about a girl must have good ass and yeah i i cry cause i miss these songs and i just wanna hear them all day all hours all minutes all seconds :( It makes me cry :/
Maria Luiza Sturion:
I love it!!! ❤️ They’re amazing!!! Kisses from 🇧🇷!!! 💋🎵🎶🎵🎶
Everyone just likes Lisa cause she's cute, but Amy is probably the best of them.
Sonia Capillo:
Lucen mayores respecto a la edad que tienen ajajaj OMG, en Perú, tienes 15 y pareces de 11
between the six of them, they havent enough for a mic? xD i wish to hear that with a better audio :'v
cc carmen:
Amy's voice is underrated, she's amazingggg

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Hope you enjoy our cover of Payphone by Maroon 5! We love this song and we hope you like it too :D

We filmed this in our friend's house, in case anyone is wondering. We didn't move! Haha




Thank you all SO much for the amazing support! We wouldn't be here without you!! THANK YOU :)))

- C I M O R E L L I :)