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2-D is god:
My cousin just committed suicide today. I don't know why but this song makes me feel so much better
Allison Johnson:
These are the songs you listen to when you just need a good soul cleansing cry. <3
Carmen Fernandez:
I could listen to this song on repeat forever :)
This song reminds me of my mother who passed last fall. It really is a great song.
Idle Teen:
I came her from the K-Drama Madame Antoine... anyone with me?
Isaiah Salem:
Papa Moon, Pop's Moon, Gramp Billy's, and Silly-Bear
Laura Workman:
He wrote this song in 10 minutes while sitting on a sky lift. What an amazing talent he was.
Lee Wilson:
This has to be,the greatest love song of all-time!!!
My mother used to sing this to me when I was a baby, years ago. I never even knew who wrote this song until a couple years ago, John Denver will live in everyone's heart.
Michael Edelmann:
What a wonderful song! I will crying, than as is a beautiful memory of the greatest time with my wife! On board of the "Norwegian Dawn" we have dance of this. And the Orchestra has playing this song only of us! Great!!!
Nelson Cruz:
John Denver wrote this song for his wife Annie.
Sarah Hunter:
This song can make you so sad but happy at the same time that is what I like about the song. This song is also my favorite because of that. It also makes me feel so lucky to have the kind and sweet family I have today. And my dream is to meet Join Denver in real life and he was the one who inspired me to learn how to play the guitar. this song is so inspiring to my whole family and me, Great job on the song Join Denver. I just wish you hadn't of died in the plane crash. And this song reminds me of my loved ones in heaven. And Kevin Clements, I'm so sorry for your loss. This song also makes me say every day, may God bless the poor souls who have died and are suffering in any way. And John Denver, thank you for inspiring me to reach my goals and never give up.
Shelly Ray:
I've honestly never heard this song before until I saw a tv commercial about appreciating nature. I thought the song was so pretty, even though only a little bit of the song was used. I'm so glad I looked this song up because I don't think I've ever heard a song as beautiful as this. It's truly something special. Chills and tears everytime.
My 2d waifu died in 1945 while listening to this song.........
jose duques:
I love this song! Marked my adolescence...

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You fill up my senses like a night in the forest,
like the mountains in springtime, like a walk in the rain,
like a storm in the desert, like a sleepy blue ocean.
You fill up my senses, come fill me again.

Come let me love you, let me give my life to you,
let me drown in your laughter, let me die in your arms,
let me lay down beside you, let me always be with you.
Come let me love you, come love me again.

You fill up my senses like a night in the forest,
like the mountains in springtime, like a walk in the rain,
like a storm in the desert, like a sleepy blue ocean.
You fill up my senses, come fill me again.