7-Foot-7 190lbs Freshman

>>MaxPreps>>7-Foot-7 190lbs Freshman
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If this man falls he will snap in 2.
Blasto Manto:
Second tallest basketball player? Who #1?
Choi Ren:
If he wants to have a real career he should at least 250 with his height and he'll probably still look skinny with that weight.
Christian Mcclarity:
omg I'm 6`4 Nd I'm 192 he looks sick somebody please get this kid a steroid eat all.the bacon fat sum
If he was *"Black"* he probably could've dunked from the 3-point line...
Edgar Bwire:
He's a good player.
Only problem is that he's 7'7 and he only weighs 190 lbs.
At least 240 lbs, but 190 looks like a stick.

Great player though!
Gabriel Guerrero:
when he makes the NBA, hell will freeze over
Henry Chow:
Way too skinny, gotta gain some weight, the only part of him that isn't crazy thin is his neck, good luck to him
I Hate Smurfs:
i hope he meet lebron or any other buffed players in the court , but srsly at his height he should be gaining weight.
wow he looks like he has a great feel for the game and a great touch around the rim. Wish you the best big fella!!!
Joseph Morigeau:
Ahh it looks like If I squeezed his arm his bone will break ahh.
LordLeviticus Gaming:
how is his neck the same width as his head, im sleep cuh.
6'1 and 222 senior year high school. MMA and weightlifting.
Romano onamoR:
Damn same weight as Ingram and 10 inches taller. And Ingram struggles because of weight and strength
Sosh Vujisic:
most 7 foot something prospects cant do anything except use their size and dunk. this guy is 7'7 and uses skill because he cant use his size...the irony

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