7-Foot-7 190lbs Freshman

>>MaxPreps>>7-Foot-7 190lbs Freshman
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Aksel Berendt Aagaard:
Holy shit he's skinny! My dad is 6 foot 3 and he is 200 pounds.
Aleks Villegas:
pobre chico parace que se va a quebrar
The problem with this guy (maybe i'm wrong) but this kid seems to have pretty severe type of scoliosis. Look at his posture, or when he is sitting, one of his shoulders is much higher than the othet. He has to work so hard to correct it, or he will have huge problem when he gets older... he will have a lot of back pain, and injuries, that will cut his career short..
Grom Kroll:
i know some girl 6 ft + and shes is 200 lbs +
Gtj 0807:
That kid needs to hit the weight room
Jayce Labrecque:
someone please force feed him like a bucket of lard or something he needs to gain weight.
Kobby Owusu245:
damn his arms be looking like chopsticks

Layla Da One:
Wow Robert the name of the tallest person ever, Robert the name of the tallest high school basketball player
Maltese Kingdom:
i jusy hope he can be healthy and live a long life
Muhammad Tatag:
eat 5-6 times a day, and he will be beast
Robin Mercenary:
so when he age 21 what height is he... damn it... 8'4?? lol.. a monster!!
Will Conway:
I feel like of you touch him, he will snap in two
anthony quezada:
Ik it's harder for him to gain weight since ha 7'7 but damn he NEEDS to
cesar nebrija:
E ehm by the looks it will not progress some sort of abnormality spcly. In the hard play one has tobe hard and strong in this kind of sport
vim chiến:
there are many crazy tall guy die before 30 yo

    See the second-tallest basketball player in the world, who has evolved from international Internet wonder to American high school basketball player