7-Foot-7 190lbs Freshman

>>MaxPreps>>7-Foot-7 190lbs Freshman
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216 Will:
Everybody in the comments who keep bashing him behind I will be searching y'all ip address keep playing with me see what happens
Flo Recorded:
Tell him to eat and lift all he can and I will see him on tv one day
Jordan Evola:
Joshua Scott:
Hes not healthy. Amuses me to see people talking about his future as a ball player. He end up in a hospital bed long before then.
Maddox Robles:
Man this kid must destroy in high school if he is this tall
Murray Williams:
Imagine how skinny his dong is.....be like a damn piece of hay
Quaad x Feeds:
All he does is pass how is he an excellent player lol
SaveYourSoul FromDarkness&Sorrow379:
Genesis 6:4 "In those days, and even later, there were giants on the earth who were descendants of human women and the heavenly beings. They were the great heroes and famous men of long ago."

Even later = Our time of existence
Steven Graham II:
Bro I have seen him at spire and he has to duck under the air conditioners.
Thedoap Soap:
Attack on titan... titans are real
Too iCey:
This kid can make it all the way to the nba😈🔥 keep it hoopin'🔥
VIP Ezequiel:
Hopefully this guy gains some weight and is successful, praying for him.
Vet Villain:
His heart is working very hard an sadly that will be bad for him......damn
Vianey Henriquez:
They're training him to be a box out mid range center which doesn't involve that much contact....
joseph Googa:
I don't think he could play, the way he moves is a liability.

    See the second-tallest basketball player in the world, who has evolved from international Internet wonder to American high school basketball player