7-Foot-7 190lbs Freshman

>>MaxPreps>>7-Foot-7 190lbs Freshman
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Albert Grant:
Hope he makes it to college basketball.
Bronte and Luke Vlogs:
I'm 4-6 and he's 7-7 good match up I'm getting blocked
How To Heal:
He's a great I hope for the best for him
JB the Stoner:
he's lighter than me and I'm 5'10
Jace MemeMan:
His neck is probably long than my forearm #Giraffe
Mithraic Wisdom:
I hope he bulks up and gets to his ideal weight, Robert is tall enough all he needs is protein, fat, muscle.
Nethan V:
I am reakky hoping he can live until 40 at least. But i realy hoe he gets weight.
Panagiots Glykos:
my dad is 5'7" and 180 pounds, this guy is 7'7" and 190 pounds.....
Preston Kim (2022):
190 is so light for 7 ft 7. An average 190 lb person is like around 6 ft.
Quantum Z:
May God bless him in his endeavors
You Flix:
he ain't go make it looking like Christopher Reeves in wheel chair
I think its better if he stop playing basketball, not forever but for a year just to help him gain weight. just imagine a 6'0 (center) with a weight of 250 will try to push him away that could lead to serious injury to him. just a 1 year rest for him to gain weight will surely help him.
luka gelovani:
Just little contact on him and his Dead lookat his bones
2 thing ! 1 he is so skinny ! it look like he can snap ! and that head is way to small for that body !
tommy snowy:
and you're telling me he's 190 pounds
You know I actually don't want to get tall anymore xD

    See the second-tallest basketball player in the world, who has evolved from international Internet wonder to American high school basketball player