7-Foot-7 190lbs Freshman

>>MaxPreps>>7-Foot-7 190lbs Freshman
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Andrew Jean-Paul:
NBA 2k custom player in real life😂😂 I hope he makes it in the future in basketball 🏀.
This guy really needs to eat food
Darren Eitel:
he should be eating at least 10,000 calories a day
Eddie Saldana:
1. how the fuck does he weigh 190 at 7'7.
2. if he's 16 why does he look and sound 35.
3. was he bred by giraffes?
Geck oh:
The aliens have come real close with making a human, they'll have it figured out with the next couple hopefully.
Grayson Hatton:
fuck mobility annd strength through basket ball get him some fucking food before he become malnutritioned and dies when hes 20 and let him weight lift a bit too he loooks so damn fragile
Izaya Orihara:
He is so skinny.

His neck is long af aswell.
Jesus Christ:
If he build some muscle he'll look like a god.
Joseph Stalin:
The players don't even like guarding him because he's so frail
he should start to swallow the food, instead of keeping it in his throat
Nelson Kane:
I don't know if he's evolved in to an American high school basketball player at all. He might play on the junior varsity.
RaZe Zenkay:
ill be kinda scared to be near him 7+ foot freshmen too dam boy i'm only 6,6
Random Africans:
My high schools team played against them and they're not very good we beat them by 20 and that kid needs to work out or eat more
Google search "walking stick"... uncanny
thagreatnick 24:
He needs to be at least 300 lbs by 18 to be a threat in college

    See the second-tallest basketball player in the world, who has evolved from international Internet wonder to American high school basketball player