51 years old Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant fan

>>jimmyballers20>>51 years old Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant fan
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Angelos Erimou:
I will always love Mike! He had been the hero of my youth and still is! I
don't envy his wealth or reputation. But I do admire his will, his
unstoppable guts, his spirits, his generosity and his kindness. Yo,
Michael, you 're the man, you 're the GoaT!
Blake Harris:
Hey guys if you could take a part of your day to subscribe to my Channel
that would make my day. I will sub and like back all your videos!!!!
Brian Heiden:
LOL mike cant help but get into it he is the most competitive player to
ever live lol. Love the guy 23 for life!
Frenchy P.k.A. JeenyuZ:
MJ's competitive spirit is real. Doesn't matter who he's playing against...
he can't stand to lose. That type of relentless, competitive drive is
necessary to be a champion.
sometimes i dream...that he is me
Joel Serrano:
His birthday was not February 14 it was on February 17
That bald guy is pretty good. He should really consider playing in the NBA!
Noel Plummer:
Micheal Jordan is the greatest all time
Paty Romero:
The bald guy in the black sweater should play in the NBA
only reason i put #23 on roulette table
Jordan's still got it! 2nd nature to him that never goes away, amazing to
see! He connected on those two awesome shots!
carter crouch:
The reason Jordan did not do as well is cause he doesn't play as much as he
used to
I love Michael Jordan. he's the best.
He obviously not going hard on the kid he has no one he needs to impress he
the goat
דניאל גברילוב:
Michael jordan namber 1!!!!_

    Michael Jordan randomly handpicked a person in his annual Nike Air Jordan basketball academy (Michael Jordan Flight School) for a 1 on 1 game. A Kobe Bryant fan was called upon to play with the Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan was a little rusty, but his 20 years of experienced skills took down this Kobe Bryant fan. I am actually surprised that Michael Jordan did not even start his famously trash talk to this young Kobe Bryant fan.

As of July 2014, that Kobe Bryant fan was identified as Deryck DA Rimson. All credits of this video go to Deryck DA Rimson who is the original person on this video.
Check him out : https://www.facebook.com/drimsondrumz

*Michael Jordan has been organizing his basketball camps yearly for all basketball players from selected age groups.
For more information about Michael Jordan's basketball camp (Michael Jordan Flight School), please visit http://michaeljordanbasketballcamp.com/

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