>>WhoGotNext>>LAMELO BALL DOES NOT CHOKE!! Official Mixtape
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Angry Mobsters:
Remove the blonde part if his hair = Klay Thompson Jr
B18 Boy:
what the fuck i thought this dude was 6'1
Blake Trostel:
He is so good and he is supposed to be a freshman
Byle Badge:
He's actually not a very productive player, he shoots much more than liangelo does and lonzo did. definite potential but mixtapes like these are very misleading
Just James:
lol it's crazy how ppl love to hate smh.The kid is nice
King B:
👍🏾 the young bull nice with it
Moses OTB:
I give it to him, he is very good BUT in the nba a lot of those little drives and inside passes not gonna get it. He still is progressing greatly though and may have a bright future.
offence, nice good coordination nice handles shot. good view on the hoop his team mates all that. His defence tho? This nigga is WACK AS HELL. He would be a golden player if he wasnt such a lazy bballer. he plays basketball purely for offence. I havent seen him D up properly in a full match.
most y'all don't realize how good he actually is. he's playing top teams, he's supposed to be a freshman but he skipped a grade meaning he could reclass if he wants. he's already a college commit to UCLA. speaking of college. the like id say royal and orange team were d1 players. he has a lot of talent at only 15 years. you need to stop hating and start realizing lamelo ball is pretty damn good
SpyCatz Entertainment:
anyone can look good in highlights, watch the whole game he air ball a lot and too many turnovers. but im not gonna hate this kid has a talent but hes just an average to me.
He trash I could easily beat him
Thanachu T:
Its amazing what a mixtape can do
Thelonious Johnson:
I subbed and liked your ur channel is great i love lamelo ball
Lamelo is the BLACK LARRY BIRD! Lmao. Slow, but deceptively quick when needed, unathletic, weird shot that is money, deceptively quick hands on defense and a very good passer...
justin stine:
He's good but he makes silly shots when other people have a better opening

    LaMelo Ball, he is listed as a 6’3 Sophomore & plays for Chino Hills. This kid has amazing ability & confidence at such a young age(15). Still two years away from suiting up as a Bruin, LaMelo looks to become a very special player for the sport of basketball.



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