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Andre Lewis:
It's like when he was a freshman he set back in the cut and shoot wide open shots while lonzo do work but when he got to his sophomore year he just took over that shows you how much he has developed his game to a whole nother level
B18 Boy:
what the fuck i thought this dude was 6'1
Cameron Palmer:
neither does his hot mom on account of her having three kids lol
D'Najai Anderson:
This is literally the worst mixtape I have ever saw because this music sucks and it shows lamelo ball's misses on one and the camera angle is at the side it should be in front of the player like good mix tapes. In the lab what type of stuff is this my 5 yr old sister could make better stuff than this
Jenka Canal:
Someone should teach him how to shoot in a properly way!
Josealtuve 27:
Melo wets. But with defense in college or nba the way he shoots hell nah
Living Bucket:
Looking back at the title like....
1:19 when liangelo tells lamello to pass lmao
Randy Krank:
These young men arepretty good. It is advious they've put a lot into their baskeball skills.
Keep at it young men!
Talbert Humperdink:
I can see and appreciate his potential. I can see and appreciate his potential. Y'all are commenting about his bricks but in this video I see a great team player with lots of assists that led to points.
Taylor Charles:
Why can't people appreciate greatness in the moment
I love how Lamelo can make the fullcourt pass with Liangelo posting up not many guards can make that pass in high school . He also ha range out to NBA 3pt range he seems to make a lot of those shots also
better get ready for the nba cause not going to be able to do all that stupid shit
People need to realize he plays kids way older than him. People coming on and trying to list everything he isn't elite at as if he isn't a 15 year old kid smh.
People who talk trash about this kid it's funny because I'm sure he would spank you off the court 😂 I know he would to me too. He plays pretty good with a huge fan base and a lot of pressure on him. How many NBA players do you have talking about you? Oh wait non cause you spend your time hating on a 15 year kid who's still working on his game. He misses a lot cause I can see he takes very heavy contested shots which it isn't bad but he should do less to improve his status a little more. Other then that he has handles and speed along with a very good pass etc etc. he should tighten up his defense a lot more. He also doing this in a very high rank Division so I think he's doing great. Stop hating on someone that's better than you and become great.

    LaMelo Ball, he is listed as a 6’3 Sophomore & plays for Chino Hills. This kid has amazing ability & confidence at such a young age(15). Still two years away from suiting up as a Bruin, LaMelo looks to become a very special player for the sport of basketball.



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