Shareef O'Neal Shows Off Improved All-Around Game at St Monica Tournament!

>>Ballislife West>>Shareef O'Neal Shows Off Improved All-Around Game at St Monica Tournament!
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AJ Moran:
Wait so he's a sophomore? Damn
Charles Amofordjuoh:
Number 21 is playing the wrong sport!!!
David Poindexter:
Playing against straight bums
Elvisnation E:
is it just me or is he getting bigger and taller? could end up being a
He sucks lol there's no polish in his game he literally just grabs the ball
and lays it in since all the defenders are like a foot shorter lmao
Kendal Taylor:
peep that nigga that fell in the background at 1:32
Richard Hodges:
although not as physically dominate at his father (There will never be
another shaq) hes already more skilled than him
SmokeWheat “SmokeWheatPvP” PvP:
He class of 2018 or 2019? ESPN say's 2018, im confused. Please tell me
Not hating but I don't like the fact that he stood still on most of the
offensive plays the only time he moved was when he was playing clean up for
most of his teammates misses he still has time but hope him the best
The real CJB:
Who tf is number 3 wtf small ass
Thomas Anderson:
U guys mistaken he's co 2018
adam Guerrero:
Funny how they highlight his "free throws" LOL
This kid is making free throws?!?! Shaq better get a paternity test!!!
alright so just take a look at his competition i mean you got fat niggas
rolling on the floor in this video

    Here's one of the top players in the class of 2019, Shareef O'Neal, showing off his improved all around game at the St Monica tournament where his Crossroads High School won the event championship. We know Shareef was working hard all summer to improve his game and looks like it is starting to pay off. Oh and that's right, he can hit his free throws at a high percentage!