Don Garber talks Beckham's influence on MLS and more | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)

>>Colin Cowherd>>Don Garber talks Beckham's influence on MLS and more | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)
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Andi Barrios:
The only reason they growing cuz football legends are coming over here to retire #Retirement league
US must host World Cup and we'll see the magic happen just as how it happened in Japan and South Korea.
Colin Cowherd:
How important was David Beckham to MLS?
Connor Walsh:
Colin is one of the only major network personalities who gives soccer a voice, and for that I love him and am grateful.
Davide Russell:
the problem is with the men's national team and the way American coach's coach the game is a joke. they don't build the young players. they always want greatness from the childhood low levels. which they should build from they low levels to make the next talent. and to much money to join any club which hurt the system in all levels. so many times I seen great talented kids who came here from different countries and they love the game and grow up playing it but when they get here it cost so much money to join an Academy or a club. where in Europe the community pays the Academy to make sure that a child with a talent is not left behind because money. that is why Germany win the 2014 world cup because they set up a system that builds up from the ground to the top. even if someone end up not making they know that they were given a chance. over here it is hard to get any kind of that chance.
Hector Garza:
I hate that the commissioner refers to them as kids... They are young men
Jack Breh:
NFL- Everyones sport
MLB- Old mans sport
NBA- Bandwagon Sport
NHL- Diehard sport
MLS- trying its best sport.
Jay Pearce:
You are no bigger now than you have ever been... the NFL and NBA dominates the sports leagues and they always will
I really do love the diversity of topics and interviews. Played soccer for 10 years growing up and it was nice seeing this.
Michael Cox:
This was a good interview! MLS needs relegation!! Or else it won't have any competitive edge.
Thank you Mr. Garber for being honest, this is a land of immigrants... I think there a a few million "Americans" who seem to have forgotten that...

Your comments make me want to support your league even more! :D
Sam Perkins:
do they actually teach players how to defend in the MLS because for what I've seen before it's atrocious, they make John Stones look good
TK Kwon:
Cruyff was ok for barcelona, but ajax is where he was the best
I'd like to argue that Blanco did just as much for MLS, at least in the hispanic community. I didn't pay much attention to the league until Blanco started playing, which was around the same time as Beckham. Beckham brought the name and elegance, Blanco brought the flair and "colmillo" or slyness in english. Mexicans would watch a Liga MX game and then tune in to Chicago Fire vs *insert MLS team*. He was that impactful.
I like environment of MLS... yes it's interesting.

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MLS Commissioner Don Garber joins Colin Cowherd in studio to talk about the growth of the league in the United States.

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