Don Garber talks Beckham's influence on MLS and more | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)

>>Colin Cowherd>>Don Garber talks Beckham's influence on MLS and more | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)
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Really wish you would cover some hockey. Biggest growing sport in the
world. Seems ignorant to state your viewership would run once you covered
Andi Barrios:
The only reason they growing cuz football legends are coming over here to
retire #Retirement league
Blu Katskis:
It's only a matter of time until MLS is too tier with not only European
leagues but with other us sports, MLS is my favorite league in all of
C Mistrinho:
Gotta love Colin even more because of this.
Connor Walsh:
Colin is one of the only major network personalities who gives soccer a
voice, and for that I love him and am grateful.
Hay Hay:
mls is already the 4th most popular league in the usa
Jay Pearce:
You are no bigger now than you have ever been... the NFL and NBA dominates
the sports leagues and they always will
I really do love the diversity of topics and interviews. Played soccer for
10 years growing up and it was nice seeing this.
Matt Wallach:
one thing i hate about mls is their damn schedule. like why is their season
over right now? with football ending soon and baseball not starting til
april, i could use something else to watch until the nba playoffs
Pedro .P:
FIFA just approved 2026 world cup to 48 teams. I know that world cup will
be held here in the United States. By then MLS will have 30 teams and USA
players will be playing in big clubs all over Europa. right now we have
some young very young good footballers playing in Europa elite teams search
Christian Pulisic and you will see what I am talking about. It's inevitable
the United States of America will be among the best in the world. China
second economy in the world wants to get there before the USA. This is a
race I am following close.
Ry Cl:
Would like to hear you talk more about soccer
Sam Perkins:
do they actually teach players how to defend in the MLS because for what
I've seen before it's atrocious, they make John Stones look good
TK Kwon:
Cruyff was ok for barcelona, but ajax is where he was the best
Well done Colin!!!! Really appreciate the broad range of topics that you
and your team bring to the table!!!!
I like environment of MLS... yes it's interesting.

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MLS Commissioner Don Garber joins Colin Cowherd in studio to talk about the growth of the league in the United States.

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