LaMelo Ball & Zion Williamson Show TAKES OVER! Top 50 Plays of December!

>>Ballislife>>LaMelo Ball & Zion Williamson Show TAKES OVER! Top 50 Plays of December!
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Carrot From 610:
Ball is life got to find taleke Williams because that dude literally jumped
over a man and had so many other nasty dunks
Is Chino Hills the Golden State of High School Hoops?
G Thomas:
is this regular high schools basketball?
Gurkirt Singh:
that number 1 shot just so rude bruh.
It'sPur3Remix -:
6:39 one of them 2k17 ankle breakers lol Deaaamnn
Lars Rijnberg:
Kevin Knox looks like Antetokounmpo
MY Boy! BRAD Shanette:
melo said come here nigga ima pull up right here
player: no you not pussey
player: ......... .
Michael Ellis:
Zion Williamson = Dominique Wilkins
Michael Gomes:
Is it me or when ever Zion williamson dunks I jump up and get scared
Nick Duncan:
No way a fucking half court shot is better than a windmill alley oop
Rafael Zamot:
I'd like to see Ball Brothers vs Zion Williamson that shit would be intense
nice meme:
Stop fucking putting nasty in every description
sterling 24:
zion a beast, lamelo got that range but he better hope he puts on a little
size soon, he looks about 90 pounds lol
the terraria man:
Boi number 50 should've been higher
Ádám Fröschl:
Lamelo half court shot is better than a Zion Williamson alley oop fuckin
windmill!?Wtf!?!? Are you crazy ballislife!?

    LaMelo Ball & Zion Williamson took over with numerous memorable highlight plays in the month of December and in our latest edition of the top plays of the month. Also featured are the Chino Hills squad, Dennis Smith Jr, Trevon Duval, Trae Young, Cassius Stanley, Collin Sexton, Marvin Bagley, Hamidou Diallo, Emmitt Williams, Kris Wilkes, Cody Riley, Michael Porter Jr, Lavar Batts, Jordan Brown, Andre Ball, The Ball Brothers, Demarius Jacobs, Troy Brown Jr, Matt Mitchell, Christiann Brown, Brandon Randolph, RJ Barret, Christian Popoola Jr, Kevin Knox and Noah Taitz.