LaMelo Ball & Zion Williamson Show TAKES OVER! Top 50 Plays of December!

>>Ballislife>>LaMelo Ball & Zion Williamson Show TAKES OVER! Top 50 Plays of December!
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yo, fuck that! this Zion Williamson kid is one of Shawn Kemp's illegitimate children! idc what nobody says!🤔😎
Edsel Sevilla:
why the fuck is that number 1 ohhh ballislife like if you get it!
Emerson Gabriel:
eu sabia que existia alienígenas
Legends say LaMelo can't have sex, he can only cum 25feet away
John 17:
Zion's tomahawk is second to none, dude is a beast. And he has nice handles. this dude going to be in the NBA for sure.
Lucas Stevens:
50 Highlights and only 1 white kid made it.. big shoutout to Noah represent lmao
Mike Smith:
this dude plays jus like Shawn Kemp in the 90s. How no one recognize?
Yagiz Ceylan:
Zion fucks melo he is useless but people love him i dont know why?
It's weird how people get so excited about a ball going into a round hoop!! Seems pointless and useless!!
dj Ender:
There was barely lamelo it was mostly his team
igor senna:
Esses caras são simplesmente monstros futuro da NBA
john urbano:
lamelo so noob "accidental pass"!!!??? funny
like this comment:
8:55 , pretty sure someone had an epileptic seizure or got jumpscared by a clown
super saiyan gucci nigglet 9000 300:
Who else is here because you know they're playing each other tonight?
xwing failmasters:
did anyone realize that lamelo ball impostor at 3:07

    LaMelo Ball & Zion Williamson took over with numerous memorable highlight plays in the month of December and in our latest edition of the top plays of the month. Also featured are the Chino Hills squad, Dennis Smith Jr, Trevon Duval, Trae Young, Cassius Stanley, Collin Sexton, Marvin Bagley, Hamidou Diallo, Emmitt Williams, Kris Wilkes, Cody Riley, Michael Porter Jr, Lavar Batts, Jordan Brown, Andre Ball, The Ball Brothers, Demarius Jacobs, Troy Brown Jr, Matt Mitchell, Christiann Brown, Brandon Randolph, RJ Barret, Christian Popoola Jr, Kevin Knox and Noah Taitz.

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