LaMelo Ball & Zion Williamson Show TAKES OVER! Top 50 Plays of December!

>>Ballislife>>LaMelo Ball & Zion Williamson Show TAKES OVER! Top 50 Plays of December!
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3Ez5Me Agar:
Zion got the ball becoming a tringle....
Ak Bar:
Lamelo ball look like he don't wipe is ass after he shit
Arif Demiri:
No deffence.Thats why in the future the Europeans will he better in Basketball
Douglas Giardini:
Where's the LaMelo show on this top 50?
Elliott Hubbard:
i like how it said light of the backboardd over defender
Number 6 was nasty
Your opinion does not matter
MainStreetNs -:
Melvin Yang:
Zion Williamson is the more better NBA ready player. He's 6'7" and possibly 220+lbs. Hes an amazing defender and a unreal athletic kid. He can pop threes and the fact that he's a lefty makes it trickier for others. My #1 draft pick
Is that Lavar yelling after his son made the shot? lol
The Journey:
1:20 it looks like he did that on purpose
Tyrell Sims:
lamelo cold. but he little. its some big Derrick Rose body ass high school niggas out there that would put that 3 on Ice. even Steph Curry himself has a nightmare guard in the league..... get big Lil homie u goin to university and hopefully the league. #Lamelo as far as the brutha #ZionWilliamson goes all I gotta say is #FuckBronBron 😂😂😂
Xanxus Prime:
Don't know about you all but I'm kinda tired of seeing the windmill lol.
derrick forreal:
Do any of these coaches put any emphasis on the idea of defense? The dunks are fantastic but unless you've got a jumper, good FT%, and can play a lil D no coach K, Roy Williams or Rick Pitino etc will play these kids. They may get scholarships but will they play? I may be wrong just my opinion.
don't mention any of the balls in the same sentence as zion. zion is on his own level
Thanks to slavery, AMERICA is the greatest country of basketball. No black no game.

    LaMelo Ball & Zion Williamson took over with numerous memorable highlight plays in the month of December and in our latest edition of the top plays of the month. Also featured are the Chino Hills squad, Dennis Smith Jr, Trevon Duval, Trae Young, Cassius Stanley, Collin Sexton, Marvin Bagley, Hamidou Diallo, Emmitt Williams, Kris Wilkes, Cody Riley, Michael Porter Jr, Lavar Batts, Jordan Brown, Andre Ball, The Ball Brothers, Demarius Jacobs, Troy Brown Jr, Matt Mitchell, Christiann Brown, Brandon Randolph, RJ Barret, Christian Popoola Jr, Kevin Knox and Noah Taitz.

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