LaMelo Ball & Zion Williamson Show TAKES OVER! Top 50 Plays of December!

>>Ballislife>>LaMelo Ball & Zion Williamson Show TAKES OVER! Top 50 Plays of December!
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Cedric Joyner:
Lamelo didn't deserve #1 for that :(
Chasper Fridan:
lets just be straight lamelo got no chance against zion williamson
Faizan Ahmed:
this nigga Zion gotta be like 25 playing in high school LMFAO!!!
Gateways Learning:
This is high school ball? Crazee!!
Giant Tojo:
Whenever #2 is Zion dunking on your school😪😪
King Sammy:
would you rather
get dunked on by Zion Williamson or ankles broken(you fall) by Lamelo
Kyler Luo:
A team with 5 Lamelo vs a team with 5 Zion, who's gonna win?
MainStreetNs -:
Dafuq Zion ain't even in half these plays
Robert Woods:
zion needs to work on his perimeter game to be successful in the league. high school and college will be too easy
Slow Wine:
Omg these High School kids are not high school kids
SomeWhereOver TheDwainbow420:
Obviously Zion Williams is better he can do everything and Nba player can
Stuntin always:
Jesus Christ number 6 😭😭😭
Collin Sexton is my favorite player in high school
X-Ghost- 22:
These 16 year old boys WOULD KILL all the nags of the wnba. I'd pay to see it.
Yee Sus:
Zions a freak, most athletic guy at his age since I guess lebron? Dudes making NBA plays in HS if he doesn't skip college I'd be surprised.

    LaMelo Ball & Zion Williamson took over with numerous memorable highlight plays in the month of December and in our latest edition of the top plays of the month. Also featured are the Chino Hills squad, Dennis Smith Jr, Trevon Duval, Trae Young, Cassius Stanley, Collin Sexton, Marvin Bagley, Hamidou Diallo, Emmitt Williams, Kris Wilkes, Cody Riley, Michael Porter Jr, Lavar Batts, Jordan Brown, Andre Ball, The Ball Brothers, Demarius Jacobs, Troy Brown Jr, Matt Mitchell, Christiann Brown, Brandon Randolph, RJ Barret, Christian Popoola Jr, Kevin Knox and Noah Taitz.

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