Cole Swindell - Middle Of A Memory (Official Music Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - Middle Of A Memory (Official Music Video)
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Chillin It,You Ain't Worth The Whiskey,Hope You Get Lonely Tonight,Country,Country Music,Cole Swindell,Middle Of A Memory,You Should Be Here

Hailey Hollowell:
So, I've saw Cole in concert twice and when he sang this song in concert. Oml it was perfect. 😍
Hannah Bird:
Country tells stories and have good meaning. Rap and pop do not give that option and variety! Keep singing Cole!! Fans = Flatliner by Cole and Deirks 💜💜
Jacob Johnson:
the other better ones are flatliner and you should be here
Jim Kriner:
I really dig me some Cole...Love this tune!
Kayleigh Trump:
I keep hoping one day my crush will sing this song to me...but it probably won't happen 😢

💯 likes and I will ask him out

please 💯 likes 💖💖
Lisa Goodell:
His sooooo hot wish he would serenade me!!!!!
Madison Davis:
This song makes me feel so many different things ❤️
Manuel Escalante:
check hotos vido dont want looes ur crecnta
Muddgirl 2000:
Thank u cole very much for this song.
None None:
I don't like today's country but this song was good
Patty Caissie:
this is my favorite song. so passionate.... wishing there was a real man out there for me
Wayne Davis:
This song reminds me of my dad 😢
William Hawkes:
this is such amazing music. I never thought I would every enjoy this country music, but I love it. It's so refreshing from listing to the pop and hip pop music today.
anjelxbaybie 9:
why does she remind me of Danielle from Nick V's season of The Bachelor?
trent key101:
I cry when I listen to this song

    Cole Swindell's Official Music Video for "Middle Of A Memory".

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