Cole Swindell - Middle Of A Memory (Official Music Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - Middle Of A Memory (Official Music Video)
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Cole Swindell,You Should Be Here,You Ain't Worth The Whiskey,Country Music,Middle Of A Memory,Chillin It,Hope You Get Lonely Tonight,Country,break up in the end

Aimee Whelan:
I love you so much I even going to your consort
Angel Jamison:
I want to comet one of your shows
Beast Here:
We had a project, we had to pick are favorite song and I chose this song, love your music. Plus anyone here May, 2108
Bella Edwards:
I love this song i also know how too sing this song every time i hear. This song i sing this song
Destiny Moreno:
Oof I’m in lovvveeee!!!🤤💗
G-Burt Fred:
If you feel like someone can be your true love, don't hold back. don't let your friends or even family tell you or lead you otherwise. Too many people who never have true love out there.
Hunter Kendrick:
you are the best singer i know my first consurt was the best because i went to your consurt and i had a blast and plus i love you should be here and i know how it feels because my great grampaw died because he could not breath that good
Jorma Nisula:
very good sound. I like  Cole Swindell
Rodney Gow:
Never heard such fake singing in my life. Good Lord,
Steven Morris:
This guy sings from his heart. Great songwriter and singer.
Tony Torres:
Sue Ellen star what's your phone number
Valazz BloodShed:
Who's still here in 2018???? Anyone
eithan kelley:
this song reminds me of me and my girl I'm ten whenever we where in the creak and she got mad and left but we are back together her name is Hayley I love you babe.
jose Johnson:
Probably one of my favorite songs of all time cole swindell is definitely my favorite!
joseph zupfer:
my gf well x now left for another guy ..she drop a bomb on me am leaveing maybe we could work it out she said am not doing that i cant .. single life here i come !!!!!

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