Cole Swindell - Middle Of A Memory (Official Music Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - Middle Of A Memory (Official Music Video)
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You Should Be Here,Chillin It,You Ain't Worth The Whiskey,Hope You Get Lonely Tonight,Country,Country Music,Cole Swindell,Middle Of A Memory

Bailey Bardin:
me and my girl broke up at my brothers party and this song is the only I can listen to for my depression I was with her for 5 years so every year this is what I listen to great job Cole
Brandon Morton:
Reminds me of my girl she moved away and i really miss he
David Woodbury:
i had a gf. i had a car wreak. got out off the hospital. she gone.
Gene Louden - NOAA Federal:
It makes my grandater cry she is sorry what happrnd Tyler Henk!!!!
Holly Hall:
this is danielle from the bachelor!! she was also in the Beachin it music video by jake owen!
Jacob Thomas:
when I was just about to lean on in why did you have to go then baby!!!
Joshy Davis:
this song hits home my girlfriend just broke up with me
Kandace Burk:
should could would don't help us any
Kole Rose:
damn this shit hits home for sure just broke up after 10 long years back to driving
Lisa Rader:
I regret it best memory ever!!!
Marjie Jackson:
i love this song listen to it all the time. hits home wish it would have come out when my best friend past away
Papa Sloan:
This song is horrible, really listen to the lyrics. Biggest wrong thing first, her friends did not rush her off, she signaled them to get her away from you, she knew your creepy ass was about to go in for the kiss, and if she wanted your number she would have gotten it... next, why would you guys hooking up even cross anybody's mind? that's just a creepy thing to think, that other people are wondering if y'all hooked up. next, she was just playing along with everything you were saying because you were acting like y'all were falling in love and she thought you were creepy, but didn't want to be outright mean/snobby. finally, and I'm just being particular with this one, how does one minute of dancing equate to half of a book? were you only planning to talk to her for two minutes in total? it glorifies guys thinking that every girl that is nice to them is in love with them, morons. that is all.
Polarbear 5703:
is it just me or does this sound like the beat at the being of Mark's will back to one for those of you that know what the that song is
Xav Moi:
not real life..too ugly compare to her :)
jennifer verner:
i love this song i would love to falling in love with someone ., listening this song

    Cole Swindell's Official Music Video for "Middle Of A Memory".