Cole Swindell - Middle Of A Memory (Official Music Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - Middle Of A Memory (Official Music Video)
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Country Music,Cole Swindell,Middle Of A Memory,You Should Be Here,Chillin It,You Ain't Worth The Whiskey,Hope You Get Lonely Tonight,Country

Deborah Harvey:
I break up my boyfriend because I hate the drama
Delaney Noel:
it's not the looks that matter it's the personality that matters like if you agree with me
Doug Maxwell:
Magic Tux (Jacklyn Van Male) are u STONED or Just STUCK on STUPID. How can u even Begin to Think of mixing GREAT COUNTRY MUSIC with that BULLSHIT RAP CRAP
Fire Bird:
good song. to bad didn't end it with her crashing...
Isaiah Shepherd:
How did she leave me right in a middle of a memory my girlfriend broke up with me I ain't never cried so much over a girl I really miss her how do I change her mind guys I need help she left me in a middle of a memory I have been crying my eyes out need advice guys help me I really miss her so much when I was about to lean on on why did she have to leave me in a middle of a memory
Jaimee Keenan:
Danielle from the bachelor is in this 😃
Kari Penuel:
The girl in this video is Danielle from The Bachelor
Kris Godfrey:
One of my all time favorite songs, for sure!!
Laura Smith:
great great great job cole!!! your so freaking awesome. great singer. wish i could meet you. its on my bucket list.
MaddenMobile Hero:
Who's listening and looking through the comments?
Mason Ezzell:
she is cute i wood take her eney time
Philadelphia Eagles fan:
Whats with the hat in every video lol love ur music though
Selma Rosa Barbosa Porto:
The best music, I love this song!
Venessa Hildenbrand:
middle of a memory i go back to the memories they were pretty good but some of them turned black
so, I'd like to hear the girls version of the song "I really wasn't that into you, you were feeling way more than I was" lol

    Cole Swindell's Official Music Video for "Middle Of A Memory".

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