Cole Swindell - Middle Of A Memory (Official Music Video)

>>Cole Swindell>>Cole Swindell - Middle Of A Memory (Official Music Video)
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Ashlei Kraemer:
I love this song... My boyfriend dedicated this to me because this literally happened to us. Lucky for him he found me and we been together for 6 years soon :) <3
Aydrian Pollard:
is that blonde girl Danielle from the Bachelor?!
Daisy Castaneda:
Breaks my heart how sad Cole looks towards the end..who wouldn't want him??!?!
Fishing N Huntin:
Country is literally as real as music can get. I love Coles and BG's music. Reminds me of my grandpa :(
Gregory Smith:
There's one part of the song where I could've promised u that he was in Chattanooga.
Hailey Hollowell:
Why in the world would someone ever leave Cole Swindell? 😂 He's a cutie.
Jackie Soto:
I love this song it brings back a lot of good memories
Jaden Adams:
love this song I went to the concert
Jarritt Wagner:
I cryed so so so so much at the last part
Jocsan Costilla:
🙌🙌🙌 I'm Mexican an rather listen to country than rap
Mark Perrine:
This dude needs to embrace being bald
Owez Skeeth:
hate this song it is the stupid
Ricky Mullis:
Reminds me of a girl I met in Baltimore Maryland one night in 1987 her friends took her away in the middle of a memory!
Tracey Taibinger:
I have tv on demand and whenever I wanna listen to tv on demand I will put this song on everytime I listen to tv on demand.
Travis L:
It should have been at the end it shoulda coulda woulda been the rest of our lives

    Cole Swindell's Official Music Video for "Middle Of A Memory".

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