2011 MDA Telethon Performance - Darius Rucker & Abbey Umali "Come Back Song"

>>MDA>>2011 MDA Telethon Performance - Darius Rucker & Abbey Umali "Come Back Song"
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He can make anyone sound good.
A Slack Jr:
If u didnt tear up a little, something's wrong with you.
I'm not crying, my eyes are sweating.
James Jones:
I wish I had my baby with me too I'm from country Jacksonville Florida boy
so you know I'm a country city boy yeehaw laugh out loud
Karin Wutzke (Teddy2260):
adorable.... love this song... amazing 
Nicoletta Sheridan:
Darius Rucker rocks and he is really generous.
Noëlle Silvia:
What a gorgeous young lady!!! Her smile brightens the entire venue!
i don't get how they get that SVT-CL from tipping back 
Zayd A. Sulaivany:
What amazing person Darius is ! I got nothing but respect for this big
heared fella ! :)
she's a great singer too...her and Darius harmonize perfectly...love it
hannah woodell:
awwwww ADORABLE and AMAZING!!! Another reason i love Darius Rucker!!!
Well damn I thought country folk were racist to black people. (sarcasm)

I am so very glad the Darius has moved into country music, he has the voice
and the style to bring it to a new high.
thanks for what you did that night darius, because of you my uncle received
the care he needed, sadly he died 12-27-07. people like u keep on doing
this thanks so much
I am so proud of my fellow Charlestonian. Love you Darius! You have the
biggest heart. Success has not gone to your head
regina simpson:
shes an ambassador for Muscular Dystrophy Association.

    Darius Rucker & former MDA National Goodwill Ambassador Abbey Umali perform "Come Back Song" from the Grand Ole Opry stage during the 2011 MDA Telethon.