Melo Ball Makes It Look Easy - Week 1 With VXT Big Ballers Mixtape

>>BallerVisions>>Melo Ball Makes It Look Easy - Week 1 With VXT Big Ballers Mixtape
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2comments ahday:
yoo i hope we dont see that shot in college
CHEF Uzi VERT #MakeThatOld:
He plays so smooth and relax he reminds me of Jamal Crawford but more settle in with his decisions .. Crawford ass be hot saucing around like he's playing streetball
He's so humble and is super nast
The ball has hardly any spin on it when he shoots. Crazy. But it goes in....
Ross Poore:
Jumper is so ugly but so wet wtf
Sleezo Porter:
It really ain't about yo wind up it's more abt the follow thru...Melo super nice
He's so crafty!
Can't wait for him to grow to 6'3
Torrin Banks:
It Seems Like Melo Takes The Most Shots
Any clue on how i could find a schedule or a website showing there teams upcoming games? I tried ballislife but i just couldn't find anything
Yassin Hassan:
His jumpshot is wet but ugly af ....
He is nasty. Best freshman in the country. But every time I watch him shoot I want to gag
Larry Bird, and Reggie Miller, both had weird shots but were phenomenal shooters and ballers in the truest since of the word
justin maldonado:
the other ball brothers be hating on them low key they know he's gonna be better than both of them
mhasdfahjsdfajklsjghjk bjbhgadlfasgjg:
he plays for one of the best high school teams in the country he need to play for a better aau squad like in eybl or adidas gauntlet
id suck his dick and im a duude


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