Steve Smith takes on Colin for his fraud comments and more | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)

>>Colin Cowherd>>Steve Smith takes on Colin for his fraud comments and more | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)
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Arif Khan:
Amazing interview from Steve Smith. Honest and straight forward.
Enjoyed Steve Smith's conversation with C Cowherd. One of the best I've
heard from a player/former player. Much respect for keeping it real..
13:45 "politicioners" lol love Steve Smith
Edwin Richards:
😂😂😂😂 Collin your facial expressions after Steve said you knocking them
down 💀
Jelly Donut:
This guy might be the best player in Panthers history. I hope they bring
him back this year and retire his number right away. He deserves it,
especially after the unceremonious way they let him go. He should
definitely be in the HOF when it's all said and done.
Kareem Lemond:
man I hope Steve smith becomes a host
Kip Wonder:
Steve Smith is that dude!!!!
He was too easy on Colin. Colin says a lot of stupid stuff and backs it up
by saying "well I have to have x amount of takes every day." Doesn't mean
those takes have to be idiotic.
I'm not a football player but it would make sense that if you've never
played in a playoff game, you don't go to miami. You practice, and
practice, and practice so that your nerves will not hamper your play.
Success is when preparation meets opportunity.
Samantha Barbee:
Every small guy ever has a pound for pound argument. Is Iverson the best
player ever, pound for pound? You can say no and make a good argument , but
it's a legit question. Zero doubt size held him back.
Is Floyd the best fighter ever, pound for pound? To me? Yes. But even in
disagreement it's a legitimate arguable question.
Why does this dude never get a pound for pound argument. All those dudes
he's mentioned with all have size. When they finally ask if he's the best
pound for pound WR ever, I'm going to have to say yep. Arguable, but yep.
Siebie Superville:
where are the women in the picture?
Timothy McDougald:
Steve Smith is absolutely the best NFL player, father, and just all around
Miami had nothing to do with O'Dell not doing well
Love the honesty! Great interview!
Steve receiver ever. MO

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Steve Smith has some thoughts on Clemson, Odell Beckham Jr. and Mike Tomlin that he shared with Colin Cowherd.

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