Meryl Streep Speech The Golden Globes 2017

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Meryl Streep,The golden globes,2017

Craig TheSchmeg:
The queen grunting and queefing to a cesspool of liquefied rotting worms
and maggots.
Cyber Jackalope:
Meryl Streep never defended Roman Polanski!
D G:
Why are there a couple of people in the audience NOT clapping? It's fucking
Meryl Streep
Dildo Faggins:
Meanwhile Denzel Washington, Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn are thinking what
the fuck are you talking about?
Don Hamric:
This Bitch is clueless needs to move to Canada.
Josh Done:
Was that Jeff Bezos in the front row?
Kylo_Ren _08843:
Are we supposed to believe what M.S. said about Hollywood being the
entirety of "the arts" in America? (With only Football and the MMA as

What about: art galleries; museums; literature; music (rock, pop,
orchestral, metal, etc); musical theatre; ballet; plays; sculpture; digital
arts; dancing; foreign films; etc.

And please, tell us all about how "martial arts" (of various forms) are not
"arts". Would love to hear the average Historian react to this bizarre

Yes indeed...what on Earth would us little people do without Hollywood and
multi-millionaire actresses like Meryl Streep?
Leon Reaper:
Mel Gibson: what's this gotta do with films?
Vince Vaughn: Jesus Christ woman, not here!
"That is what Hollywood is all about, so go FUCK YOURSELF!!!!"
Michael Petrovic:
Meryl Streep is a spoiled brat. She didn't get the result she wished for so
she cries about it and attacks American democracy and all the good American
people who voted for Donald Trump. Get over it you spoiled Hollywood fakes!
Philip Walton:
Trump can be taxing sometimes but were he to strip naked and make a speech
with a bouquet of flowers stuck up his arse, he could not surpass this
cringworthy effort by creep....I mean Streep. One thing that is easily
observable about actors is that they can never stop acting and so, is this
a performance of Streep playing Streep. Or again, is it Streep playing the
part the Streep she wishes she was after voting for Trump.
Simon Evans:
This is the same person who gave a standing ovation to a paedophile to a
man who drugged and raped a 13 Year old girl
I'm 35 and proud to say I never watch a single movie with this retarded
akai ghoul:
i dont think meryl streep is a SJW...i think she was right in what she
said. shes worried about the country and its people
I didn't think I could adore and admire this lady more but now I have
another reason to add to my list.

    title says it all