Kid Rock - All Summer Long (LYRICS)

>>lecokid>>Kid Rock - All Summer Long (LYRICS)
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Alexandra Symeon:
Ava Litterer:
Why Can't All Songs be like this
Axel Grady:
wait a minute... it says "it was summer time in northern Michigan" but then its says "singing sweat home Alabama all summer long"... Where does this song actually take place? haha
if they were in Michigan then why were they singing about being in Alabama PS Michigan is worse than north Korea
Freddy Kruger:
This is my favorite song I'm 14 years old and when I hear this song I refuse to get out of my parents car I sit in the car until the song is over and then I gladly get out of the car
Gary Edwards:
The song remind me and my buddy Bob Eyestone up in up in Ludington Michigan
Its Us:
Recipe: Take a cup of Sweet Home Alabama, add 4 tablespoons of Werewolves of London, and a pinch of Northern Michigan, mix well.
Lucy Brown:
Werewolves of London start anybody?
The first time I heard this song the DJ on the radio said it WAS Sweet Home Alabama. Suffice to say I got a bit of a shock when I actually heard Sweet Home Alabama for the first time!
Matthew Wolanski:
This a song about a summer in Michigan, where they sang a song about albama, sampling a song about london
SpongeBoy Squarepants:
Werewolves of London got ripped off bigtime
I'm confused as to why 1,192 people have disliked this video, not just because I like the song personally, but if you click on a video titled: "Kid Rock - All Summer Long (LYRICS)", I think you should expect what to hear on the speakers and see on the screen; I don't understand how you can be disappointed by this upload after clicking on it.
cesar El piol:
it was 1989 my.... wait I wasn't even born yet hahha
joseph croft:
is it just me or does the start sound like werewolves of london
Werewolves of London , sweet home Alabama , and kid rock rolled into one.

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