Joe Nichols - Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

>>JoeNicholsVEVO>>Joe Nichols - Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
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Blake Brewer:
Matthew McConaughey if he was a country singer lol
Boos Bratt:
Brian C:
Brown bathing suit with white hearts......I'm gonna call her "Heart Attack"!
im allergic to tequila... everytime i drink it i break out in handcuffs...
Candice Bailey:
........... when a video has nothing to do with the song.
George Lloyd:
Hey Joe i'm a huge fan thank you for your songs it really picks me up when i'm down thank you your awesome Joe i hope to see you live in Calgary AB. some day i hope so if you decide to come out that is.thank you.
Jadyn LeClere:
my nigga joe got barsūüĒ•ūüĒ•get it is hella ass
Johnnyiswhack: this is what Justin Trudeau was doing before eh.
Mikami Teru:
This guy has the be the creepiest rapist I've ever seen lmfao.
Pam Voge:
joe is gorgace oh my god what looks
For one of my old girlfriends it was vodka. Give that girl one shot and it was off to the races...
Tyler Seeley:
this is drinking song i can out drink any buddy
The thumbnail is kind of creepy looking.
i liked a few of his songs, but it just reminded me of alan jackson, so i went to listen to his songs.
mouse man:
Looks like someone spent some time on the coast bar hopping.  I guess Gary Hannan and/or John Wiggins might have been at the Florabama when Rusty and Mike were playing Rusty's version of this song.   I have often said that since Mr. Acuff died and the "new blood" came to town that the next thing that would happen was that writers and entertainers would start stealing songs.  Well, Rusty was asked by a local radio station how he felt when he first heard this version of "his song".  Good old Rusty just replied " I can write 'em faster than those Nashville guys can steal 'em"...   RIP Rusty.  I always liked your version of YOUR song better.....

    Music video by Joe Nichols performing Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off. (C) 2005 Universal South Records, LLC