Le'Veon Bell is delusional if he thinks he's Steph Curry | THE HERD

>>Colin Cowherd>>Le'Veon Bell is delusional if he thinks he's Steph Curry | THE HERD
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Afro Islander:
A football player that will revolutionize nfl will be a player who passes back to the people behind him
Daniel Aguilar:
bell is the best RB in the league
Holly Marroquin:
What about Mel Blount? "The Mel Blount Rule" ring any bells?
Jazz Robinson:
Peyton Manning is the reason QBs make the reads they make in today's league, pre-snap, explosion of slot receiver...
I feel that Peyton Manning also changed the game in the NFL, as he made the pre snap reads much more of a focal point. Other than that, yeah I agree.
Luke Hartman:
Bell said it because you have to know your the best in order to be the best. Bell is confident in his own. Call him delusional, but he has to believe in himself when others don't.
MacKa AlpaCa:
Reason this is true. Football has much larger teams. Football has a shorter season. Football players have shorter careers. Basketball players have a court so the TV camera angles are closer and well lit. Basketball players don't wear helmets. Basketball leads to more scoring and more highlights. Basketball has a 7 game series where stars shine.
Michael George:
Another player that changed the game was Devin Hester. They adjusted where to kick off from because of him. All though he isn't a great receiver, he's the best return man of all time. And yea, Leveon Bell is delusional if he thinks he's anywhere close to Steph Curry.
What is Stephen Currys rating in a video game? NFL players who changed the game Leveon Bell. Wait till next year to see the changes.
How can you talk about NFL players changing the game without bringing up Jim Kelly?
Yomali Martinez:
if you are talking about a single move then yes LB is in the discussion, because his jump cut is the nastiest and most deadly move in the game. However, that still isn't the same as Curry. Curry is changing the game in a different way. IDK how many other people can do what Bell does.
The way Peyton and Brady prepare, grind, and are essentially OC's on the field has changed the game too.
john salley:
He is saying his style of running is unique just ike stephs shooting ability is. He isnt saying hes as good as steph or as popular. Colin is delusional if he thinks people cant see his bias against the steelers
michael roya:
Yeah, but sports analyst like you are jealous of any athletes like Bell and Curry. Because you have no athletic skill, it's not in your jeans, you wish you could. Sorry....
You entirely missed the point of Le'veon's statement Colin. He was not speaking on popularity, he was merely speaking on the very unorthodox styles of play both athletes impose upon their respective sports, and the impact it will have on future NFL running backs. All he is saying is that many young children, college players, and even current pros may try to implement his running style into their offense because of his success. That's your second strike Colin .

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Colin Cowherd explains why athletes are jelous of NBA players. Plus, hear his thought won Le'Veon Bell comparing himself to Steph Curry.

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