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Champions Grill Mount Pleasant:
Many years ago I was on a Christian Cruse where they have karaoke. I wanted to sing this song, but they wouldn't let me because they said it was about abortion. I personally don't see/hear it.
Cheyenne Sky:
Sounds like it’s about heroin ... And swim through your veins like a fish in the sea
Chinoo Artist:
how is this about a heroin addiction I can see relating it to ban addiction but I really don't belive he was specifically singing about it
Christine Kryston:
The biggest cheating song ever.
Craig -MetaThor- Cartwright:
You wont find nobody else like me ;)
This is just one of those songs that everyone knows and everyone likes
Hannah grider:
this song was played ay my best friends funrel
John e:
don't fight tha light zig zag an hang right ps all women r cheaters
Justice Shea:

Jake: hey baby I am sorry
me: I am not your baby you cheated on me I am breaking up with you
Jake: Fine then you wont find anybody else like me
me: that's the point!
Nik Lyons:
ihop can suck it... thumbs up for the vid tho
Sarah Cofer:
when justin beiber starts singing fa la la la la and youre like fml lol

but evil doppelganger joey world keeps trying to erase your existence and youre like really the llama is not lomax you dumb shit

plus just cause Sandra Bullock starred in The Net about erasing peoples lives does not mean you can erase Ms. Tate just cause she went to Alaska where Sarah Palin is from or youll have me on your butt and you cant bury me and I dont take blatant disrespect lightly where it isnt deserved.

keep up yall.
Veronica Sauceda:
good music is hard to die... 👌
desi chaffin:
look it up its about cheating i looked it up and it tells you that it is mistaken for heroin when it is about cheating yay google for being able to provide answers
lynne ogg:
This is my favorite song ever I love it.
srood omed:
This song made me feel older in 2017 😅

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