LaMelo Ball in COMEBACK of his CAREER!!! Chino Hills vs Roosevelt

>>PassportplayasTV>>LaMelo Ball in COMEBACK of his CAREER!!! Chino Hills vs Roosevelt
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Beats S:
number 3 is much better than this kid
Chino Hills' defense isnt that good, but their offense is amazing!!
Jayden Wright:
"That's to easy" says the team that lost
Ngan Tran:
This LaMelo ball kid MAYBE got a chance at the NBA at best. With his cocky demeanor, lack of defense, and barely crossing up high school kids, he won't stand a chance in NBA. Lack of size, lack of effort, and a "too good to try" mentality, college ball will eat him up. Throw someone like a Patrick Beverly on him and he won't even touch the ball.
We were there COURTSIDE for the Chino Hills vs Oak Hill Academy game... MUST SEE!!!
Thomas Aparicio:
That kid isn't anything special. Y'all hype anything up. lol keep trying lil man
Tre Carter:
that foul on the alley OOP should've been a flagrant because dude laid him out and when a person is that high in the air that's too dangerous of a play to make
There is someone constantly saying and-1 if you listen to the background people yelling its like and-1 from every which way
Tyler Schneider:
All the kid has is offense. He has no strength or size to him so right now he won't be shit in the NBA unless he bulks up and LEARNS HOW TO PLAY DEFENSE. His brother on the team could actually drop a few lbs too.
Vick Nelonis:
All these privileged ass kids are ruining sports
All of these people going, "He isn't gonna be shit outside of high school", and "needs to bulk up" and, "no defense he sucks." He's like 15 fucking years old. HES A SOPHOMORE. He has like 6 years till NBA. Calm down lmao.
1 way player. He will get exposed outside of Highschool
21 from Roosevelt is a bitch. I hope someone try.s to undercut his loser ass
jack Byrnes:
I respect ball a lot. Just he doesn't play defense the hole time just part of the time.
nick paddock:
His offense is amazing doesnt fight wnough for the ball on d


Chino Hills vs Roosevelt
Down by 12 at halftime LaMelo Ball took over the 2nd half! LiAngelo Ball 22 points, Scott 20 and LaMelo Ball 19. Roosevelt had 29 points from sharp shooter Jemarl Baker. National Prep Stars on PassportplayasTV